Tuesday, September 18, 2007

There are so many things I should be doing when I finally get online - and blogging is just one of them. But here I am finally after weeks and weeks finally updating. Life as always is hectic, I escaped the summer holidays without injury and now am officially job hunting as its probably time I moved on a bit from the 'I am just a housewife' phase - Of course I will go out kicking and screaming.

In the meantime my boy is constantly mourning his holiday in Disneyland Paris and just a mention of the place results in an hours crying... such is the stressful life of a five year old.

The daughter has moved up to the junior's and doesnt fail to remind me on a daily basis how grown up she is... although she is apparently not grown up enough to look after her Nintendo DS which she left in the playhouse, unsurprisingly with all the kids in the neighbourhood its not there now ... I have my suspicions but cant prove anything. Gutted.

Hubby after passing his transport manager exams is now fully absorbed in his job, which is keeping him busy. Not ten minutes goes past in the house without a phone call.

Naty cant wait for you to come home at xmas - I have two words for you 'party bus' Eloise - whats it like working full time? Emily - Want anything from the shop?

Jilly - Dont post videos of spiders like that - I nearly had a heart attack.

Me - I am plodding along. Looking forward to winning the lottery ... its not gonna happen .. i know. hmmm Wake me up at Christmas will you.