Sunday, June 25, 2006

Well we have had hair cuts, packed toys and toothbrushes, and cashed in all Ethans penny's for Dollars. We are now ready to embark on our first ever holiday abroad as a family.

Are the kids excited? .... YES, Is the hubby excited?.... Unbearably!!! Am I excited? Well Duh - Of course I am.

I shall catch you all in two weeks - Happy blogging.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

So is anyone else on My Space??? How addictive is it? I have only just created my site but after just a few days it has crept to the top of my favorites list. If you are on there add me as a friend please because I have none!!!! My link is on the left.

I am enjoying the lunchtime supervisors job. I am told by the class I supervise that I am the best in the world and that I should be a teacher as well. I would hazard a guess thats because I dont know all the rules yet and they are getting away with many a thing they shouldnt. Ethan saw me in the playground yesterday, and without any emotion said "Miss can I go to the toilet?" I was shocked - he totally blanked his own mother!!

And OMG panic panic 10 days and we are all going on our first ever holiday abroad as a family. I have lists of my lists of things I have to do. If I could just take everything in the house with me it still wouldnt be enough. Happy weekend all!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Living in my house could never be described as boring. The last two weeks have been a mad hectic confusion involving travelling thousands of miles from visiting my sister in law in her college digs to travelling to France and Belgium over the weekend just for the sake of it. The new car hubby decided needs running in, so off we went (minus kids) for an extremely long spin. It was nice and fun and we really got a kick out of doing a Kate and Leonardo moment on the end of the ferry in front of loads of people, Some people have no sense of humour!!!

As well as this it was half term last week which meant various cake making afternoons, cress growing experiments and paddling pool/mud baths. I am not even going to go into the plaster of paris mould set thingy!!!

Sports day was eventful too with Ethan proving he has his fathers sporting abilities and competitiveness. This week is the summer Fayre - another greeeeat school event, Think I may sneak in a bottle of Vodka to make things go quicker for me.

And finally I have a job (Ok maybe job is a bit of an ambitious word to be using here) as a lunch time supervisor at the kids school. I keep wondering who the kids are talking to when they say Mrs Rees, Sounds to grown up to be me.

20 Days and I go to America - guess I better start packing or something then ;)