Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sometimes its nice to get a break from the computer, But when hubby tells you ... no negotiation that you shouldnt be online in his presence - Well your gonna want to be on here more right???

Yes I agree that it cant be pleasant for him constantly staring at my back, but I cannot sit and watch the Simpsons re-runs for 6 hours in a row. He says he is an internet widow - Theres not really a smart answer back to that really is there? The intermaweb, as he calls it, is all nonsense to him.

For the last two days though I have not been online, Joanna and myself have had what we so eloquently call the 'lurgi' or bug. I can stand sore throats, colds, flu and many other every day ailments however vomitting really gets me. And yet what is the first thing my dear husband decides to do whilst I am suffering? yeap you got it - surf the net....nuff said.

So here I am sneakily disobeying my husband and having a sneaky five minutes (ok maybe 15) online whilst he is in the bath. Promise to catch up with all my reads soon. Hi to Natalie - miss catching you online now your working. And Jilly my yahoo pool partner. Better get offline now before my marriage ends in divorce.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

The last week has been so hectic here. Because I am too lazy to write a long entry here is my last week in the form of a list (I like lists)

1. Gary dragged me to a lorry show in his truck last weekend where I suffered endless truck talk and lots of shiny lorries - Men and their toys!!!! Say no more

Very pretty trucks !!!!!!! Posted by Hello

2. Had my first party on Tuesday night for Fairydust gifts We usually sell on Ebay but decided to have a go at party plan. In short, cleaned all day, curtain rail fell down, only 5 turned up and I ended up drinking a couple of bottles of wine on my own after everyone went and went to bed feeling very merry - We did quite well regardless and have another party booked :)

3. Had a call early Wednesday morning to say Garys grandad had died. Was a very sad day - He was a great bloke.

4. Friday Gary crashed his lorry and completely destroyed a Honda who had stalled at a roundabout. Even the kebab and 4 bars of chocolate he ate when he got home failed to improve his mood.

5. Saturday and another lorry outing, this time we were towing a carnival float around town. In our infinate wisdom we not only took our kids but nephew Kieran. All I can say is that I havent been that tired in years.

Today I have done nothing and have loved it. Next week I have Gary home all week -He has decided to take some time out which is exactly what I will need after having him under my feet for a week .........just kidding ;)

Friday, June 17, 2005

I really should dye my hair blonde! I cant believe it, Hubby is going to kill me.

After finishing the wooden floor we have a few bits here and there that have to be filled in, so last weekend we went out and bought wood filler. In my infinate wisdom I decided to fill the holes in myself whilst Gary was working. So I grabbed the wood filler and went on my quest to prove myself an super-duper housewife. It never occured to me when I started filling in the holes that the wood filler should have been .... well .... wood coloured and not white!! It will change colour right???


After carefully filling and smoothing over most cracks in my horror I actually bothered to read the tubes label .... "no more nails" glue. We had bought this the same time to fix the edging around the floor and I didnt notice even though it was a different color. And of course now I cant get the clue out of the cracks and holes and hubby will be home in a few hours - Any ideas on a way out of this that is not gonna make me look like a fool?

They look kinda the same right? Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 11, 2005

So who thought up this html nonsense anyway? Its all crap. I am not going to go into the details, But 7 hours, 3 bars of chocolate, a bottle of wine and nearly launching the pc out the window didnt do the trick. Thankyou to my fantastic sister Natalie who I know cannot refuse a challenge.

In other news daughter has her first wobbly tooth and is proudly shaking it in everyones face which can be quite disturbing.

Son has proved he can eat a multipack of Jaffa cakes leaving Dad upset because there were none left for him.

After getting laminate flooring down last week I now feel I have to go on a mission to buy lots of things for the house - So today my quest is for cushions!!! Yes that is as exciting as my life gets. A chinese meal and a film (tonight Meet the Fockers)on a Saturday night is sadly the highlight of my week.

Prehaps next weekend I will go and jump out of a plane or climb Mount Snowdon. You never know whats round the corner.

Friday, June 10, 2005

I am working on the template but its not quite right yet - excuse the mess. Will have another go tomorrow. :)

Hey Sarah, your brilliant sister Natalie fixed your blog layout, it's taken me ages. ~Hugs~

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Ok so maybe I lied about the posting the next day thing. So here I am a week later trying to get my lazy arse into gear.

In my defence I have done well on my diet and lost another 3lbs this week. And of course the kids were off school last week oh oh and there was no way I could blog because I lost my voice!!!! (well it was worth a try)

We finally (6 months later) finished the laminate flooring this weekend, I couldnt really be bothered to do it if I tell the truth however hubby was feeling proactive so I thought I had better take advantage.

The kids got the better of me this week and I ended up buying them crazy frog tshirts to my own horror. I hate the frog with a passion but my kids love him - I mean really love him. So I am forced to submit and say I suppose something that makes them smile like that cant be all bad. **Hides face in shame**

A big happy birthday to my sister Natalie all the way out in USA. Miss ya hun.
Just for Rhea - 10 Things I have never done.

1. I have never managed to successfully grow a plant.
2. I have never managed to eat more than 6 consecutive chocolate bars.
3. I have never ran a mile.
4. I have not yet swam with dolphins in blue blue water.
5. I have never won more than £10 on the lottery.
6. I have never been able to fit into a size 10 (or at least I cant remember it)
7. I have never had enough imagination to write a book.
8. I have not yet travelled the world.
9. I have never danced naked in the rain!!!
10. I have never had the courage to cut my hair really short.