Saturday, June 21, 2008

So we are up and running, We picked up the new truck this week. It is on the road and working. It has cost us an awful lot. I guess the phrase 'shit or bust' covers it though really.

It has meant alot of stress lately, alot of frayed tempers and serious talks.

Between now and christmas we will be lucky to eat anything other than beans. That said I saw a giant turkey leg in Asda for £1.28. I thought 'that would make some nice sandwiches for not many pennies' but once it was cooked and I went to pull some of the meat off. OMG it was awful - giant turkey legs come with giant tendons and crap. DONT EVER buy giant turkey legs, they really suck. There is a reason why you dont often see giant turkey legs on the shelf. I am off turkey for the forseeable future.

And I just want to say a massive thank you too Jilly (please note the sarcastic undertones) for introducing me to Twitter - as if I dont have enough internet obsessions!!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Business has gone to plan this week - which means I have a hubby with a severe case of stroppiness, Not good when you already have two kids to deal with. My head is ready to explode and I have had a headache most of the week. Fingers crossed, prayers and cosmic wishes that next week goes a bit better, or we may just have a slightly huge problem.

Was thinking of changing the blog template - what do you think does it need a change?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Note to self - When there is nothing sweet to eat in the house dont eat lots of coffee sweetners in one go because they are so sweet they will nearly make you sick.

Yes I know I am a weirdo and no, I do not need help unless it comes in chocolate form. Mmmmm chocolate.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

So hubby has just bought a new truck officially skinting us for the forseeable future. Its means the long term future is good but to the kids all it means is no weekly McDonalds and no holiday in Spain this year. I suggested camping for a few days, I thought it would be exciting. The boy liked the idea but both the hubby and Joanna looked at me as if I had just set fire to their feet. No bathroom, no bed, no TV, no playstation and sleeping outside - what was I thinking???? Time will tell if I can talk them around but I am not holding my breath.

Sports day has just been. I always expect Ethan to do well as he follows his Dad, However Joanna always dreads Sports day and I have got used to the "I am ill and cant go to school" speech on the morning. However this time she proved all of that wrong and dazzled on the day, Getting a first and two third places. It made her beam uncontrollably for the rest of the day and all of the following weekend, she puts her success down to her new super duper trainers.

Half term came and went and so did the wart. Yey no more insults, well about the wart anyway.

Right where do I get a tent and what do I do with it ?