Friday, March 17, 2006

one down, just finished a 4500 word essay and now I have to start another. kicking myself for not getting done sooner. ah well.

Anyone heard of Tamagotchi's? Apparently they are fashionable again, so Joanna used her pocket money to go and buy one. I remember them being popular when my sisters were in school - didnt take them long to get banned then or now.

Thats all well and good but now I have to babysit the damn thing in the day, It beeps at me constantly if I dont give it attention, feed it, play with it and even wipe up its mess.

So today I left it in the car for 6 and a half hours. Well you can imagine the rest right??

So please join me in saying a prayer for Spot the tamagotchi, RIP.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I got tagged by Gabriela so here goes (sorry it took me so long to get around to it hun)

* Four Jobs you have had in your life...
Checkout assistant at Kwik Save (when I was in college)
Stock control manager.
Off licience manager.
Public House manager.

* Four Movies you could watch over and over...
Lord of the Rings
Star Trek
Pirates of the caribbean

* Four places you have lived...
Only ever lived in good old Wales

* Four TV Shows you love to watch...
The biggest Loser
The Simpsons

* Four places you have been on vacation...

* Four websites you visit daily...
Loud Ladies (my msn group)
Emails across the ocean (my sisters website)
Fairydust on Ebay(cos I work there)
The met office (because of my obsession with the weather)

* Four of your favorite foods...
Chicken tikka

* Four places you would rather be right now...
In Bed
In a nice big bubble bath
In thorntons (a choc shop)

* Four Bloggers you are tagging...
Natalie (cos she needs to update)
Jilly (cos I know these bug her)
and anyone else who wants to take part

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Crap I am such a lazy cow. I have left it till the last minute yet again and now have three essays to get in that are far over due. I have no excuses (apart from being a full time mum) I always get to this point and wonder whether it would be easier just to drop out. Anyways if anyone has any deep and meaningful insight into shamanism (yes I said shamanism) please let me know

Monday, March 06, 2006

We all had a fantastic holiday although we must have been in the only part in the UK that it didnt snow. I love snow but for some reason I repel it - If I went to the North Pole it would melt. Hubby says its because I am hot stuff **sticks fingers down throat**

Joanna enjoyed her horse ride (and so she bloody should for £16 for 30 mins) although she was unimpressed when Byron the horse stopped to do his business lmao.

Gary did not enjoy the bike riding even though he went on and on and on about buying bikes before we went up there. Of course that may have had something to do with the fact that most of the park was up hill and he was pulling a trailor with both kids in (70lbs)

Ethan enjoyed terrorising all the little bunnies who had up until now had no need to fear human life.

I enjoyed the spa because it was quiet, involved no exercise and meant if I sweated long enough in the sauna's I may lose weight (I didnt though - gained 7 - Sulk)

It wasnt as depressing when we got home because its only 4 months until we go to America. But it was difficult to get out of bed this morning and get back into routine and a normal day - except its never a normal day, Ethan fell in the school yard and cut all his face before school, There was a reporter outside the school questioning people including me about stuff I dont know about because I was away and Ethan just threw up everywhere.

Holiday pics on the left :)