Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ok so I know its already a day late but I am still here. Children are stressing me out, the chores are undone and the chocolate was really nice. Yes I ate chocolate - I have been stressed this week, not only am I suffering from a really really bad case of pms, I have had a 3000 word essay dues in on Freud (Yes I know - Not easy stuff) Result = Chocolate, weigh in meant 1lb on, Hmmmmm not amused but saw it coming. Jilly you owe me a fiver!!!!

So sorry to all my daily reads, I will visit and catch up on all your blogs I promissssse.

I have another two history essays due in by next Wednesday which means I dont get to spend much time playing yahoo pool (One of my new obsessions)

On the bright side I am going to be unbelievably sad this weekend and travel to Milton Keynes with my sisters to Collectormania Reason why I want to go
1. No kids 2. Sean Astin 3. No hubby 4. Its in the middle of a huge shopping centre 5. Theres bound to be a pub somewhere 6. No kids or hubby.

I think I have made my point :) Have a great day all

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Why is there always someone in this world that makes you feel inferior or makes all the effort in the world to try and make you feel that way?

Today we had a Sunday dinner with the in laws and Garys (hubby) brother and his family. Garys brother goes out of his way to highlight what he has and we dont. We usually do our best to avoid such family dinners, However after dodging it for nearly 18 months its about time we made the effort especially knowing what it means to my mother in law seeing her two sons together.

So I knew what to expect right? So why did I paint my nails, put on three types of face cream, and spend over half an hour making sure that my daughters hair was perfect? I really dont know.

So the brother in law and family turn up in a brand new car and then asked us why we hadnt bothered changing ours in the last two years.

He then proceeded to insult the amount of grey in Garys hair (despite the fact that even though he is only 2 years older than Gary, lost all his hair about 5 years ago)
Garys reply was "I can dye mine - Yours will never grow back"

Then it was how much do you earn? Then where are you going on holiday this year we just got back from Cuba. Then how did you two have such beautful kids? And finally How much do you weigh?

I mean why do they need to know - We dont speak to them from one year to the next. Families eh? They are never easy.

Aims for this week, 1 Go to gym three times (yes I joined a gym YEY me!!) 2 Blog every two days (Ms Mac where do you find the time to blog so much??) 3. Write at least two of the three essays I have due in.

Monday, April 18, 2005

There are many things in my life I dont understand. If you know any answers please let me know. Here are the whys ....

1. Why do I still get excited about getting mail even though I only ever get bills?

2. Why does Weetabix go so hard on the breakfast bowls if you dont wash it off right away?

3. Why are men so damn irrational?

4. Why doesnt salad taste as good as chocolate?

5. Why is it the more channels you have on your tv the less there is on?

6. Why is it I always see things I like whilst window shopping but even the same stuff isnt half as appealing when I have money?

7. Why does grass grow so quickly and yet the seeds I planted (following the instructions exactly) wont grow at all?

8. Why do the takeaways either laugh or simply dont deliver when I tell them I live in Springfield

And here are the hows...

9. How can kids make so much mess brushing their teeth?

10. How can you put a stone on in 6 weeks but losing it takes 6 months

11. How come after 13 years I still cant remember my inlaws birthdays

12. How come my life is soo boring that I really can think about nothing better to blog about (Dont take the piss in the comments ;) !!!!)

Thursday, April 14, 2005

You ever had one of those days where everything goes your way?? Well Monday was like that for me I am happy to say. Kids went back to school (neither I or them could wait) I found out I had more money than I thought and I started to feel a bit more positive about my diet.

I LOST 7LBS (please no jokes about where I lost it!!!!) So have been all happy smiley.

My mum called me on Tuesday, She had decided to confess that she had called in sick and I was the excuse. Apparently my car had broken down and she had to help me out. When I went to pick the kids up from school what happened - Hand break cable snaps with a huge clonk. I was not impressed its the first time anything ever happened whilst I have been driving it (in 3 years) Amazing coincidence or curse?

Hubby was home last night, now usually this would be a good thing but last night I wasnt in the mood to tolerate men - You know what I mean right? ( Btw I am sure it works the other way around as well) He wasnt the slightist bit interested in all the healthy food I had bought for my diet and phoned for takeaway. He nagged and nagged and nagged until I agreed to have something - Salad in a pitta bread.

Now why is it that men moan that you dont look like Angelina Jolie but are always trying to get you to pig out. Which is it - Make your damn minds up. Ok sorry rant over. I will remain strong :)

Some pictures of Llanelli now for Tammi - Sorry you have waited so long. Will take some more I promise.

My local Asda Posted by Hello

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

7 days and counting - Yes that I have managed to stay that long on a diet is truely amazing. I am going to weigh on Wednesday and if I havent suffered enough to lose 5lbs then I am gonna smash the scales to bits. Still feel fat and still feel shitty.

The chidren are back in school tomorrow after a fortnight off which means I have to get my lazy arse out of bed at 7am, The peace during the day will be worth it though. How did my house stand up to the kids being home?

Well Joanna decided to blow dry her own hair and forgot to switch the dryer off - The result was she burnt her bedroom carpet. Looks like it has minature crop circles in it - Hmmmm havent showed that one to hubby yet.

She also decided it would be fun to decorate her bedroom walls with body glitter that I was stupid enough to buy her. My theory on all this is that its her bedroom and as long as I can get in there twice a week to get her dirty clothes then all is ok with the world.

Ethan hasnt been so bad, I mean apart from the toothpaste and the cat incident ( I wont go into details)

Gary remains occupied with his new love DAF (his truck) and me .... well I am just muddling along trying to avoid most things I can squirm my way out of, like Visiting the optician, getting my overdue smear test and finally writing my three overdue essays. I so want to eat a huge bar of chocolate right now.

Note to self : Get your act together and wise up

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Is it me or is everyone obsessed with something. Husband has had to go back on the road because we struggle on his lower pay. So he has a nice new truck to do this in. Now honestly you would swear this truck was actually living the way he talks about "her" He has big plans for "her" he wants to get more flashy lights for "her" and of course he needs some new stickers and mats too.

Meantime daughter has developed a fascination with vanity, where she gets this from I have no idea as I am by no means vain. She changes clothes about five times a day and always has her disney princess make up on along with her one and only real necklace. On watching 101 dalmations this week she now wants to know everything about fur coats and I simply cannot answer enough questions (yes even the morbid ones) I could not believe it when she asked a lady in town who was wearing a fur coat if she was Cruella De Vil.

The boy although only three is not without his own little obsession - Small toy cars. Last count he has over 200. Every time he is asked what he wants for birthdays, days out - Anything that involves a little treat - Its cars. He loves them and takes them everywhere with him. yes all 200 :(

My mum is obsessed with Ebay, My dad with music, One of my sisters loves Stargate and the other spends every waking moment acting.

So this got me wondering what was my obsession - I didnt have to look very far did I ?? To my shame I must spend a good 40 - 50 hours online a week. Now if thats not obsessed I dont know what is. I surf anything - blogs, Ebay, msn groups. Is it actually possible to get bored of the internet?

Sunday, April 03, 2005

I always have an image in my head of how the perfect family day out would go, where the kids behave, dont have tantrums, eat the food they are given and dont nag me reapeatedly for things I can't afford to buy them. Yesterday was the first time this has ever happened.We had an all round good day out at a farm/funfair park called Folly Farm. I didn't argue with hubby, he didn't drive like an idiot there or back and I didn't spend the day dying for a pee because I couldn't find a toilet.

Today however is a different story. You see whilst hubby and me slept in this morning our darling children decided it would be fun to get up early and sneak downstairs and empty the cupboards. In little over an hour they ate 5 packs of mini cheaddars, 3 packets of monster munch, 7 kinder bars, 8 packets of chewits, 2 packets of snack a jacks, 2 fortune cookies (dont ask) and 3 bars of chocolate. This went along with them getting into my make up box and plastering themselves in make up, Putting half a bottle of nail varnish in Ethans hair and also watering their teddy bears to see if they would grow.

This resulted in Gary shouting rather loudly and me spending alot of time cleaning. Hubby has banned me from getting them sweets or treats all week - Thats ok for him to say He doesnt have to put up with the shit I am gonna get for this. It's only 1.30pm and I cant wait until bedtime. I have another week left of the holidays and I wonder how I will keep sane. Why do teachers have to have so many holidays? Does boarding school cost alot? Ah ignore me I have a cold and I wanna have a tantrum too, plus I really have to start my diet this week because hubby says you can notice I have put on ALOT of weight. I know what you are thinking but no I havent killed him YET.