Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Because I am stressing about this afternoons pending visit to get that filling done, here are some pictures we took on a family visit over the weekend to Pembrokeshire.

Monday, May 14, 2007

She splattered blood all over my face - and even worse it was my own blood. Today was my first trip to the dentist since the practice changed hands. Its changed from a one dentist welcoming enviroment to a super sterile stainless steel business run by many female straight talking emotionless 6ft twenty something's.

It was a daunting experience. The first thing that bothered me was the empty waiting room! Then there was the abrupt bedside manner. "Turn head", "Rinse", "Open mouth". After my check up she concluded (loudly) that I need a filling (which I knew) and that another appointment had to be made.

Could she let me walk away empty handed? Oh no, she decided a descale and polish was in order. And so it began. I think she missed my teeth altogether because seriously my gums have never bled that much (and my teeth look no different) It took three tissues to wipe the blood from my face and five rinses to get rid of the awful taste. My gums are now purple.

And crap I still have to have the filling next week. That's one to look forward too then!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

In the last couple of weeks I have discovered to my horror that I dont know everything. As a Mum to a seven and five year old surely I should at least know the following.

On the subject of ladybugs, I discovered they can bite. Really this had never occured to me before. An in depth discussion with Joanna led to me looking it up to prove her wrong and then hurrying away to do 'Mum stuff' when I discovered she was right.

A few days and a geography lesson later I explain to her that we dont get earthquakes in the UK and what happens the next day? How unreal was that? I have also told her we dont have volcanos here but suddenly I am not so sure.

As well as this....

Giving children more space to play in doesnt mean less mess it means more! I need say no more.

Buying said children a keyboard for christmas was not encouraging creativity it was encouraging headaches.

And Rice Krispie cakes are not a quick, easy and tidier way to 'cook' with your children.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

One of the kids teachers is getting married. He is a quiet man and doesnt like fuss so the school decided to push the boat out. They secretly arranged for the whole school to dress in wedding outfits. For the morning they arranged a service and in the afternoon a reception.

It was a beautiful sight to see two hundred children dressed as smartly as can be. I am not sure if it was appropriate but they told all the children they were going to join in a toast, They popped open a bottle of bubbly and then sneakily swapped the bottles and gave them all sparkling water.

Then even more inappropriately every adult there (including myself) was handed an ample glass of the real stuff - But you wont catch me complaining as it was the first drink I have had in a month.

In other news my daughter has developed a disturbing obsession with volcano's and the unfortunate fate of Pompei. She wants to know all the gruesome details - She so takes after her mother.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Has anyone else tried these get paid to surf things? Was just wondering, I signed up for this one
Adbux It seems ok. I guess I am just looking for the next big internet thing as I am bored of Myspace and everything else thats grabbed my undivided attention for .... oooo two days.

So what is it that everyone else is doing online? Am I missing out on something big? Is anyone else getting bored of blogging and all the other things that were big for a bit. I heard about this second life but decided I couldn't as a 31 year old wander around an internet world pretending that I wasnt in an elaborate chat room with lots of spotty teenagers (no offence intended)

So now I end up doing boring grown up stuff online (and no it doesnt involve porn) I check the news and the weather and my bank account and this is just too boring for words.

What happened to the old internet? Where I would stay up til 2am and to hell with it if I couldnt get up to get the kids to school the next day.