Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Today not only did I manage to find sellotape (hurray) I managed to get a bag thrown at me in work when some impatient stuck up cow couldnt be bothered to wait more than 10 seconds to be served, you could question my customer service skills but I burst out laughing at her impatient mutterings as she stomped off which probably didnt help - learn some patience biatch!!!!

I also managed to pick my kids up from school today whilst it was still light as my work hours have changed.

In addition to this I managed to win £90 of Barbie island princess toys today, so that made my day and completes the christmas shopping for the kids.

So not a bad day then :)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Is there a national shortage of sellotape? I dont want brown parcel tape, christmas tape or insulation tape - I just want normal clear tape! Have I been able to find any? NO. Now this may just be my opinion but you would think that it would be everywhere at this time of year in its rightfull place right next to the wrapping paper and yet it isnt.

I looked in 8 shops this morning - Next, Debenhams, TK Maxx, bla bla bla and none sold sellotape - all sold wrapping paper and those annoying foil ribbon bow things that never stick properly on presents. Why didnt they sell tape.

I asked in BHS at the till and she pulled a roll out from under the desk and offered to cut me a bit - I mean wtf? I need to wrap presents you silly **** !

I asked in my local (supposed to have everything) Spar and he tried to sell me green insulation tape.

I even travelled to my local stationary store - which I find when I get there has closed down (probably through low sellotape sales)

I just want some sellotape - just one (possibly two if they are not rationed) roll of sellotape. And no dont suggest Tesco - I dont want to go there - every little doesnt help - I hate the place and every time I go there I spend £50.

Sellotape ..... Sellotape......I NEEEEEEEED sellotape..... and possibly Vodka!!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick or treating has definately changed since I was a kid, And no before you say anything its not all that long ago. When we were kids it was just a way of getting some money for nothing - and no its not ideal but thats how it was.

Last night for the first time ever after much pressure I took the kids. And OMG how times have changed, They both took with them a pumpkin bucket (as sold by tesco) and we managed to get around most of the 300 houses on our estate in about an hour and a half. Half didnt answer - the other half did.

By the time we got home the little pumpkin buckets were buckling under the weight, They had so many sweets and chocolates I was gobsmacked. Seriously they have more sweets than I would give them in a month and people were loving dishing them out. And the decorations was another thing that amazed me - pumpkins and skeletons, banners and spooky noise makers all about.

I am guessing this is another thing that we have inherited from America - not that I am complaining, my children had a wonderful time - are totally sick of sweets and I wont have to buy any for at least another few weeks. Result.