Sunday, July 31, 2005

So after many years of attempted gardening ... finally a breakthrough. I planted 6 packs of seeds back in May and this is the result.

Finally a flower Posted by Picasa

Yes I know it doesnt look like much but to me its an awful lot. You see this is what usually happens to my flowers (please note I did exactly what the instructions said)

And this is what they usually look like!! Posted by Picasa

Ok so I do not have greenfingers (does anyone know where I can get them?) Apart from this little flower the only plant I have managed to keep alive was a bunch of chives when I was about 11, which to my despair, when offering them for a salad my mum ripped from the ground and threw away saying that the cat had peed on them. :(

So rip bonsai tree, rose bush, cactus, apple tree and various other strangly named plants.

And long live the pretty pink flower (no I have no idea what its called)

Sunday, July 24, 2005

One day of peace isnt alot to ask is it? The last two weeks have been so hectic its been hard work finding time to go to the loo! Cat shows, weddings, school plays, sports days, summer fayres, doctors, opticians and dentist appointments amoungst many other things meant I have been simply to lazy to blog.

I am convinced I am or about to go mad faced with the 6 week summer break that now looms over me. The house will not be clean all summer, I will not find the bottom of the laundry basket until September, everywhere I go will take three times as long, the fridge will be constantly empty, and I will forget what it feels like to be alone or have adult conversation.

That said and done I approach the holidays with the false hope I will be able to keep order and stick to a routine. Lots of stories, arts and crafts and cake cooking are just some of the things I have planned to keep them busy at home.

Its never a good sign when the kids ask you "Why do we have to have a summer break?" Both the children are very social and could think of nothing worse than spending so much time with me.

In other news I broke my little toe trying to get into Joannas room, Had to have new contact lenses because I am officially blind as a bat, finally got around to reading Da Vinci code and started the new Harry Potter book and dyed my hair pink!!! (just kidding about the last part!!)

Monday, July 04, 2005

Never promise something to a child that you never have any intention of going through with because they wont forget.....ever.

6 months ago I promised Joanna that because we couldnt visit the circus this time we would next time. So when she saw the circus roll into town last week she immediately threw the promise in my face. Now it may be that I dont like to spend the best past of 50 quid on two hours at the circus or it may just be that I hate clowns but there was no way I was gonna get out of it, so off we went to the circus.

We had front row seats which immediately made me feel nervous about being dragged onto stage to get made a spectacle of. SO the kids see these light toys that are being sold and want one, again never send your husband up with the kids to get these, they dont understand the theory behind captive audience and end up paying the total rip off price of £5 each for stupid toys that will be broken and usless by the time you go home.

All said we had a good time, apart from an annoying spoilt 2 year old sat next to us who kept demanding the kids candy floss.

Ethan enjoyed the spiderman show, Joanna loved watching all the pretty dancers, I enjoyed watching the smiles on my kids faces and hubby enjoyed the positions the gymnasts could stretch into - I personally wondered who they get to do their bikini lines ;) they were not leaving much to the imagination.

But you know what - clowns still scare me!! They are wrong and weird and will never make me laugh.