Thursday, September 28, 2006

Solicitors suck, estate agents are arrogant and highly impolite, And morgage providers are some of the biggest crooks in the world. Valuations are just one big massive rip off and part exchanging your house ..... well dont even get me started on that. I tell you what I had better come out of this whole buying and selling thing with a mighty fine house or I will be really pissed.

In other news my sister has entered the world of living on beans and alcohol, being constantly skint and wearing dirty clothes - Thats right she has become a student. Leicester will never be the same again.

That said my mother seems to be coping well with the loss of her last born and has not (touch wood) been ringing me every available minute like I expected.

And continuing from my last entry with the stupid things your kids say - Mine have had some crackers this week.

Joanna: "If a tree falls in a forest on top of a boy and squishes him so he's dead ... Will the tree die???"

Ethan after being caught red handed at school throwing stones at the deputy head teachers car ... "I didnt do it"

Joanna: "Mammy .. what's a solicitor and why dont you talk to them like normal people?"

Friday, September 15, 2006

Apparently if you are driving a car it is impossible to hear what anyone in the back seat is saying, or so my kids must have thought when they had this conversation on the way home from school today.

Ethan "Just hide it from her ...she wont know"

Joanna "She already knows I took it to school, she told me if I did she would bin it when I got home"

Ethan "We arnt allowed to take toys to school - You will get a row for it"

Joanna "Only if you get caught, but I dont get caught .... like you!"


Joanna "I dont want her to bin it"

Ethan "I can just kill her"

Joanna "Your hands are too small"

Ethan "I will just wait till I am grown up and then kill her"

Joanna "She will be dead by then anyway!"

As you can imagine I am not impressed and needless to say there was a conversation afterwards. I dont know where a six and four year old would get such gruesome ideas.