Saturday, January 28, 2006

Its official - I am no longer cool. You want to know why - because I dont have ear muffs!!!!! (and perhaps because I am nearly 30)

Now personally I remember ear muffs going out, coming back in and going out again. However now they are fashionable again as my daughter tells me. We spent three hours looking for some of these hideous fashion blunders to make my daughter "cool". Joanna has at some point discovered these and decided they are the must have accessory.

Cool??? Posted by Picasa

Although this is not Joanna it represents how awful these things are. Joanna marched into school in hers and I watched her lapping up the attention as the other girls in her class starting drooling, and ran to their Mums demanding ear muffs by hometime. I was then mobbed by desperate Mums asking where I had bought such pretty ear muffs. Has the world gone mad?

Joanna hasnt worn them since having achieved her goal and has now moved on to ear piercing (Which she can forget all about) However now there are at least eight, six year olds walking around with ear muffs on to Joannas amusement and my horror.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

In this half an hour of sheer exhaustion when I am unable to do anything else I thought I would blog. Yes thats right I have been exercising - And it nearly killed me. Davina you have alot to answer for!!!! I am too knackered to reach the remote control which means I have to suffer celebrity fit club.

Todays madness consists of

1 Trying to cut the wart on my face off with a nail scissiors - Its not a wise thing to do - and suprisingly bleeds ALOT.

2 Forgetting I put a load of sharp knives in a sink full of water and nearly slicing my fingers off.

3 Finding something squishy and sticky under Ethans bed (Which I still havent identified) Also wondering why he has a tape measure, screwdiver and £1.72 under there as well.

4 Not eating chocolate - Yes unbelievably a whole day without chocolate - Has the whole world gone mad????

5 Forgetting I left my conservatory door wide open when I went to pick the kids up from school OOps lucky I dont have anything worth pinching!!

6 Watcing some of Celebrity big brother - I know I need shooting as it is a totally horrid crime, one I swore never to commit.

Can I last another day without chocolate - how much you wanna bet?? Huh Huh ?

Monday, January 16, 2006

I have three friends that have just woken up one day and completely changed their outlook on life and have without problem lost between two and four stone (28 - 56lbs). When I ask them how they did it they say "It was easy, all you have to do is eat healthily and exercise" I KNOW THAT, What I mean is HOW DID YOU DO THAT???

I just cant do it. Its official I seriously, without a doubt, have no willpower. It must have got up and went when I was 9 stone (126 lbs)

What happens to transform peoples lives like that?? And why cant this happen to me?? This really gets me down, Especially when I see the positive results it has had on their lives. I am so obsessed with dieting and trying lose weight and yet thats all I seem to do then is eat huge amounts of food or starve myself completely.

I managed to lose 4lbs last week which I am sure .. Given what I have eaten this evening (No joke there) It has gone back on. I dont know why, I wasnt hungry. So it has to be a mental thing right???

Omg I sound nuts now, I have mental issues!!!!!!! Someone sign me in quick (ooo think of all the weight I would lose if I was locked up) Enough already!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ok yes I know I have to update but what do you say when all you have done all day is sit on your lazy arse fiddling on the computer.

Shall I tell you I aced my History essay with the highest mark in the class - nah I dont want to bore you.

Shall I tell you that the conservatory roof is leaking because it hasnt stopped pissing down in the last day ?? nope because I dont care so why should you.

Shall I tell you I just had some sneaky chocolate and have just ruined my first week of dieting ? Nope you heard that all before as well, and before you say anything no Paul Mckenna will not make me thin - Its total rubbish.

What am I going to tell you? Nothing. There is very little I can tell you that would equal this I will say no more for today.

Friday, January 06, 2006

I cant stand it anymore - Why do I have to have the only children on earth that are obsessed with the Beatles, specifically Yellow submarine. Its amazing how a film 38 years old can capture their imagination.

Since christmas (when I stupidly bought them the dvd - I must have been drunk at the time) they have watched it approximately 15 times and that is no exaggeration.

I made the even bigger mistake of buying them the soundtrack as well - How stupid am I??? Good songs yes, Day in day out they just get a bit too much. I am beginning to think I do actually live in a yellow submarine. You get some pretty weird looks driving around with two kids singing their hearts out to 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds'

Then there are the questions.... Why are the blue meanies mean? Why is Eleanor Rigby lonley etc etc.

All together now, all togther now ... allllllll together now. I am going mad.

Yellow Submarine Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Since going through my christmas and all its events would take to long. Here are some of the pics from the last two weeks.

Look Look Santa has been Posted by Picasa

Lots of mess Posted by Picasa

Emily :"Look at my christmas pressie"  Posted by Picasa

Snap !!! Posted by Picasa

Dont buy one, its not clever, its not funny and it will result in chocolate fights!!! Posted by Picasa

Emily :"How do you get the vinegar out dammit" Posted by Picasa

Emily top left, Natalie top right, Eloise bottom right. Me bottom left. The last time we will all be together for 6 months. Posted by Picasa

My first day at school Posted by Picasa

That last one is for Jilly because I know it will make her go awwww. He didnt shed a tear, wish the same could be said for me. He made me so proud.

Natalie left this morning to go back to her home in America. I am not too sad, as we will be on our way out to see her again in June.

Happy new year all. Its been emotional!