Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I think I am seriously addicted to this blog explosion thing - Its really good fun. Jilly I blame you lol.

The weather here in Wales is awful today, gale force winds and heavy rain. The kids are not to badly behaved considering it is half term - There was an incident with a bowl of Weetabix ending up all over the wall yesterday but nothing to bad. We have spent the day at my mothers today so her house could get messed up instead of mine lol

I have had all of my history of medicine books back from Ebay now - For those of you who dont know I am in the third year of a six year part time degree in Humanites (major History) This years subjects are counselling and the history of medicine, Counselling wasnt really what I wanted to do but I have to take whats on offer. It is interesting though. Last week we had a discussion on what your earliest childhood memory is, Most people only seem to remember bad things under 5 years or nothing at all before then. Whats your earliest memory? Mine is sitting on a table in my living room surrounded by toys eating endless easter eggs (no suprise there) Now thats happiness for you lol

Right I am off to surf more blogs - Leave a little note and say you stopped by - I always return the visit :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

New layout

Ok finally got it up - What do you think???? Took me ages to get the html up as it didnt work with blogger but here we are all done.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Today as the children were up my mother in laws, we had a walk around town, I marvelled at all the decorations and collected all the christmas catalogue. This afternoon in my boredom I started compiling christmas lists for the childrens presents. I think I will need a bank loan. There are so many things I want to get them - so many nice things.

The formula one season is over - finally. Nah I dont mean that really, it is something both Gary and I enjoy. However I have got a bit fed up of watching Michael Schmacher win. Its about time he retired I think.

Tomorrow half term begins, and the so does destruction of the house and my sanity. I shall be mad by the end of the week lol. Have quite a few things planned actually but tommorrow we will probably stay in for the day.

On a happy note the diet has gone well all weekend wooooo hoooo. Tomorrow when Gary is back in work the challenge begins. There is a huge pot of chocolate spread in the cupboard, I will need all of my willpower to resist it. Do you have any spare???

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Took the children to a birthday party this afternoon and after months of trying I managed to drag Gary along with me. His face the whole time was a picture. He sat there in stubborn determindness not to talk to any of the other parents the entire time and almost shook with terror when the local vicar (a parent of one of the children at the party) came to sit by us, He picked up on the vibes and departed swiftly. The children enjoyed though.

The children attend a voluntary aided religious school chosen by as at it was the best, we felt, in the area. Not being religious people it was quite a decision. however it has some how began to worry me lately that our children are not christened (both my husband and I are) I have no idea why, it just now seems of importance. I intend to invesigate the matter further.

The week ahead consists of me painstakingly trying to entertain the children over half term. Whilst Ethan visits his grandmother at some point in the week I intend to take Joanna to see her first film at the cinema. She is nearly five. I hope she sits there without to much drama.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

:( :( :( :(

Not a happy bunny, feel crap. Got a cold and diet goes badly. House is a mess and I have loads and loads to do. Dont know where to start anymore. Kids are fighting and wont stop - I am surprised they havent put each other in hospital yet ***sssshhhhhh Sarah - Dont curse yourself****

Everything seems dull and grey at the moment. The winter months are drawing in and it is getting colder. I cant wait till the kids go to bed so I can crash on the sofa - If I had a big bar of chocolate I would be eating it.

On a brighter note I had a great time on Saturday night, Ended up in a club rather than the civilised meal I had set out in my mind. Walked home in the cold at 1.30am with a kebab. Didnt have a hangover though so that cant be bad.

Had college today, one of my friends mother died on Saturday, she seems to be coping extremely well. I feel so sad for her though. Half term looms over me. Next week I shall be home all next week with my little angels - Better start thinking up things to do now.

Right better go and get a few things done. Something is better than nothing right ????

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Peace at last

Finally the kids were in school today and Gary was at work all day and I have peace all day and night lol.

I have spent the day lazing around the house all day and catching up on everything online - Bliss - Not to mention all the eating I have done - Dont worry though - Thats it on Saturday I am starting on a 10 week slimdown for xmas with the rest of the group at Loud Ladies

Not done much else today really, A friend of mine Neil got a new car and couldnt wait to show it off so he brought it round earlier on. Its a Passat - really nice. I just know Gary will want a new car now though lol.

I handed my notice in at the family centre meeting the night before last - It wasnt as bad as I thought. Our coordinator took it rather well, I think she must have been expecting it.

Tommorrow is another busy day here and I am looking forward to a good weekend, We are off out with friends of our whom we havent been out with in a while. Shall I get new clothes or not?

Me and the kids had our first attempt at pumpkin carving last night lol It was only a small one - A practice run, what you think???

Our first go out pumpkin carving Posted by Hello

Monday, October 11, 2004

Panic panic

Dont the shops really know what they are doing, Today as I was walking through the shopping centre I noticed that the christmas decorations are already up, On walking into Asda I noticed lots of tins of quality street jumping out at me, When I got to Wilkinsons a life size plastic Santa greeted me at the door, and whilst walking around I was bombarded by little fibre optic gadgets singing christmas carols. I wonder whether or not their intention is to strike fear into every mother out shopping and make her think "omg I havent got any pressies for my children yet" and I think it probably is. I am not organised - I should have lists by now but I dont. They have suceeded - I am stressing.

Didnt get up to alot over the weekend. Gary didnt get home until late on Saturday so we couldnt go far as Joanna had ballet in the afternoon and Gary took the car to get some new tyres. Sunday the children went up to Garys mothers, Peace lol. So then I had to put up with Gary who was in a funny mood all day. We spent most of the day play fighting and now I have lots of bruises cos he is stronger than me lol - Not to worry I have nails and scratched him plenty of times. We had fun, it makes a change to act like a kid and its good exercise.

Last night though Gary got sick and has been off work and under my feet all day, I did get everything done - I was a good little housewife lol and have hardly been online since last Friday. Tomorrow though he should be back in work and I should finally get some peace to get some work done for college on Wednesday - I think I shall try and prepare a little better this time.

The diet goes well for three days now, Today I have been extra good and am hoping before long that I shall get over some of the cravings I am getting for chocolate. Oh I wish I could afford liposuction, but yet again the lottery people forgot it was my turn to win the jackpot.

I have a meeting for the family centre tomorrow night, We started setting one up about 2 and a half years ago with a local children society. However we just dont seem to be getting there, we have no sign yet of opening up the centre even though we have been given premises by the council (one which needs extensive renovation that is not taking place) I took on the responsibility with the view that it may be beneficial to my own children however now as Joanna is in school and Ethan is at playgroup it wont be. On Saturday I got the news that we have recieved £60000 from the national lottery and tomorrow I have made the decsion after telling our coordinator that we got the funding (something we have been trying to get for the last year) that I have decided to resign, along with our chairperson - Who is also resigning tomorrow. I feel that if I am going to donate my time to a cause like this then I would rather it be to Joannas school where my children will benefit. None the less I am dreading tomorrow night.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Feeling brainy

I had college today, I arrived late which wasnt a good start, the traffic was terrible. I go to college because I enjoy studying the History but along with that I have to study another subject and this year it is counselling again. Now dont get me wrong, the teacher is lovely - Its just that I am not an over emotional person and I have to say that alot of what goes on in class goes over my head. Everyone in the class seems to have had such deep emotional experiences and me ....... Well I am just me and I dont think I have ever done or experienced anything which has envolked such a response.

I am out of my depth or that is the way I feel sometimes, I mean to me and I am being truthfull and am trying not to be ignorant, it just sounds like alot of nonsense. The homework we had to prepare for todays class was simply "how is myself constructed" We werent supposed to do any deep philosophical reading, just simply answer the question from our heads. I didnt have a clue and this morning (an hour and a half before class) I thought I had better write an answer. So I wrote a brief answer saying what I kind person I felt I was. When I got to class I was horrified to see that everyone had written pages of deep and meaningful answers. OK so I mean whats going on - Where does it all come from?????????

The teacher went around the class asking for our answer, I listened and sat there thinking "oh no I am going to look ridiculous. I really cant say what I have written" so came my turn............ I looked at the paper and looked up and repeated the question. "How is myself constructed?" I resisted the urge to say a head, two arms, two legs and a body and said........ "I see myself as not finished, I am still being constructed and cannot answer yet because I do not know what the final result will be" Silence

Oh no, I thought, disaster. The teacher looked at me and said "wow what an excellent answer ... You have obviously pondered the question long and hard" Everyone agreed that my perspective was the best and I am therefore class genius. Well there we are. What would you have said .... How are you constructed? Think about it, Its not as easy as you think.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

12 Weeks till xmas

I cant believe its October already. September has flown by, and I havent got all that much done. I have made a start on Christmas shopping so thats something. My ebay auctions are going well so I have got some great pressies for them.

Not alot has happened this week - Just an endless week of cleaning, getting kids to school in the rain, picking them up in the rain and running around going to kids parties - Fantastic. At one of the parties I ended up stuck with my friends mother in law and the vicar - Not my idea of fun. Oh well nevermind it could be worse!!

We had a nice family weekend, didnt do anything or go anywhere, just stayed in and messed around, watched some films and ate. lol sometimes thats the best fun ever.

The car is playing up - Keeps cutting out all the time - I am praying it doesnt break down - I cant cope without the car.

The diet has completely gone out the window - Its official - I cant stop eating - I am a foodaholic if there is such a thing. I ate and ate and ate this weekend.

I started back to college this wednesday, we had a really cool history teacher, he was exactly what you would expect, gold circular glasses, a green velvet waistcoat etc He was so full of enthusiasm it was great to sit there and listen to him. I have to get loads of books, I went out and looked for them at WHSmith and nearly all are out of print. Makes you wonder where's the sense asking you to get them then. I have found a few on Ebay but its gonna cost.

I am hoping for a quieter life this week - although thats never the case lol.