Friday, February 24, 2006

I cant believe we need soooo much stuff just to go away for 5 days. I cant believe it is taking so much organising and I cant believe my hubby (who moaned and moaned when I booked the holiday) is soooo excited. Big kids huh?

This will be the first break we have had since Ethan was 6 months old (4 now) - so its an exciting time for the kids too, They keep asking 'how many sleeps' which would be fine if it wasnt 3am.

It will be so nice for us all to spend some time together, I have the perfect idea of a holiday in my head but I know from experience it wont go like that and we will probably end up screaming at each other.

oh btw I had an excellent night out on my birthday, I had the worst hangover of my life on the Sunday.

Catch you all in a week bloggers. Au revoir x x x

Saturday, February 18, 2006

OMG Today I hit the big 30 - I still feel like a teenager and tonight I shall probably act like one. I have had my hair done, my nails done. I have a new top and new jewelery and tonight I am off partying.

And tomorrow since the kids are staying at my mother in laws I wont be surfacing early. Bliss.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

How inconsiderate - Nearly everyone of Ethans friends turned up at his birthday party costing me a whopping 115 quid. I mean surely some of them could have been 'busy' or 'sick' but noooo it seems little Ethan is quite popular.

That said you wouldnt think him smacking a school friend in the face with a bat yesterday would do his popularity any good but he was in fact the only one out of our family to get a Valentines card (yes a proper one at the ripe ole age of 4)

And yes thats right not a whiff of a card insight for me! But yes I am married now so perhaps I shouldnt expect. His excuse? I tell you I love you all the time - isnt that enough????? nuff said

We are going away in just under two weeks to center parcs I nearly needed a bank loan to pay for the holiday then I got my holiday planner back detailing the costs of everything else ..... and omg I think I am gonna have to pinch the crown jewels just to cover the costs of the first day there.

Saturday also looms - you know what happens Saturday? Apart from me going out with a few mates and having a few (ok more than a few) drinks. I dont care, really I dont. It doesnt bother me one bit....honest.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Over the last week I have had an eye infection meaning I have either had to wear my glasses (instead of my contacts) or nothing at all.

Now this is great until unknown to me I get a huge stationary order (15 boxes of bubble envelopes for my ebay stuff) that gets left with nextdoor whilst I am dropping the kids off at school. I took my glasses off as soon as I got in through the door.

The lad next door is a real sweetie, Always waves, chats, gives the kids sweets etc, sooooo I really should have recognised him when he knocked on the door surrounded by these 15 boxes shouldnt I???? I mean we have been living next door to each other for 4 years.

But No - I simply assumed he was the delivery driver and told him where I wanted the boxes and apart from thanks said nothing else. He smiled and although seemed a little uncomfortable left quickly after carrying them all in.

He then got into his car (obviously on his way out) and left ..... which was the awful point when I realised he wasnt a delivery driver. OMG I was sooo embarresed and so must he have been.

I had to go round there with a six pack of beer yesterday and explain, I could have died I was so embarressed. He was ok about it though (I am sure he has had a good laugh at it though)

Ethan was 4 yesterday - Already. Birthday party tomorrow night, 20 screaming kids - great huh. Here they are yesterday up to mischief.

Happy birthday Ethan Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 03, 2006

Now it is my humble opinion that you go to a supermarket with the aim of purchasing food and leaving as quickly as possible. I dont know any Mum's who like food shopping - It is one of the absolute crappiest chores I have to do.

Why is it then that some people go and use it as a meeting place and stand blocking the aisles nattering about how various acquaintences are, that they cant be bothered to go and visit.

What is it about "door out of order - please use other door" that confuses some people?? And why do people who deliberately barge in front of you, look at you angrily when you catch their feet with your trolly? And then expect me to say sorry - Keep dreaming pal.

Why do people spend ages pondering whether to buy a product when there are three people trying to get to the get the same thing and get going? Are they blind, oblivious or just rude?

And why are there either massive ques at the checkout or I have picked the checkout lady that scans one item a minute launching my goods down the conveyor belt as if she is deliberately trying to dent, squash or crack them?

All questions I shall never know the answer to and unfortunately I still have to go and suffer food shopping every week till I die unless I happen to win the euromillions jackpot tonight with my five tickets - Not that I am obsessing or anything but what I could do with £125,000,000.