Thursday, March 31, 2005

I am absolutely wrecked. In theory having a joint party for both your kids (even though there is nearly two months between their birthdays) is a good idea. The harsh reality is that you are heading for a nervous breakdown.

You see, I thought telling them I would cancel the party if they didn't behave was a smart idea. Reality was they make my life hell for the week leading up to it.

I thought giving Joanna her new shoes on the morning of her party would be a good idea - she could break them in a bit. Reality was she spent the entire day clonking about in them asking when she could put the rest of her party clothes on. Never have a birthday party at 4pm in the holidays.

I thought if Gary started extra early there would be no problem him getting home in time. Reality was that this just mean't to his boss he could fit more in. This situation ended with me threatening Gary with a horrible death if he was not back in time. He got home.

I thought asking family as well as the childrens friends would get the whole thing over in one go. Reality was they all came to the house early and I had to sit with my mother in law all the way through the party.

I thought that having the party at the local kids funpark was less hassle. Reality was that 20 kids running around screaming "We are free" repeatedly had to get told off by someone and guess who that was!

I thought this would also mean less mess at home. Reality was my house is a tip because they had bags of presents and got to bring the left over food home. Also why buy play doh and stickers for a present - Its just nasty.

You have a picture of things in your head of how things will go - why do they never go like that? Reality is harsh.

All in all though things went ok, kids enjoyed and I am £90 poorer. My darling daughter is 5 years old today. Happy Birthday Joanna.

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And if it ever gets back to hubby that I posted this pic I will die the horrible death.

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Monday, March 28, 2005

I have had such a busy week I wonder where I find the time to breathe. After fitting in two essays in, in a day (yes I know I shouldnt leave them till last minute but I do) Visiting family, having sisters down to stay, going out for a family meal as well as fitting in what seems like thousands of other things, Gary decides on Sunday it is take your wife to work day. Only problem with that is that he is a truck driver.

After having refused many many times and having watched him go to all the effort of finding a babysitter I really couldn't say no.

Soooo off we went early Sunday morning - Believe me when I say I would rather have been at home scoffing easter eggs.

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We travelled from South to North Wales and back all in a day. Through some spectacular scenery.

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And I tell you what we talked all the way there and back stopping only to pick up some drinks and chocolate (Yes thats my fault lol) He transports chipped wood and we delivered to a place that had mountains and mountains of the stuff.

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I was impressed with myself and really adapted well to trucking life, I had my travel mug of tea, I got myself a yorkie and we even stopped in a truck stop for a truckers dinner lol.

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Had a brilliant day though - Got a rather sexy picture of hubby in all his work gear lol will show you all if you ask me nicely.

Monday, March 21, 2005

You see its like this..... I really was going to make the beef in puff pastry thing but ..... Wales won the grand slam rugby and... well it was very good and like most people in Wales I had to have a few drinks to celebrate.

I had every intention of making a perfect romantic evening meal however my laziness got in the way so I ended up making the following - Beef in satay sauce (very nice) Garlic mushrooms and yung chow fried rice. It was amazing - I am such a good cook.

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OK OK maybe not. **Hangs head in shame**

I did however make a first class sunday dinner, all the trimmings and semolina to follow (havent had that in years) Everyone ate the lot which meant I was glowing with smug satisfaction all day - The car keys incident is all a distant memory now, with any luck this will be an incident free week (I have just jinxed myself now havent I?)

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I havent burnt the house down yet - But its not looking good. This weekend I am preparing beef in puff pastry with steamed vegetables and some mushroom thing. I have bought all the spices and even figured out how to work the cooker. I still refuse to buy an apron. I will let you know how my culinary masterpiece goes.

On a different subject I am still trying to get hubby to buy me a new car but even my best "I love you" eyes arnt working. He says I dont look after the one I have and that I havent washed the car for so long the bird shit will never come off it. In my best efforts to persuede him I took the car to Tescos for a car wash. £5 to get it washed - What a rip off. (He was right though it didn't come off)

Soooooo I decided to vacumn it as well - How good am I??? However ..... What I did next will haunt me forever. After putting in my money and marvelling at the power of the hover I decided to start with the seats. But unfortunately for me thats where I had left my car keys. On immediately realising I frantically grabbed at them but alas had to watch them dissapear up the nozzle. Why the hell is it big enough to suck up my keys anyway eh?

I then had to suffer the embarressment of going into the Tescos petrol station and explaining my predicament. Between the cashiers fits of laughter they told me unsurprisingly it had never happened before. Thankfully I was able to recover my keys from the machine although they were a bit dusty. I have decided not to mention the incident to hubby.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Another Monday and another day of endless housewife crap. Husband has conluded that I must cook more to save money and have a healthier diet. Only problem is I cant cook - No I really cant. I got together with Gary 13 years ago and yet three years ago my mother in law bought me a basic cookbook for my birthday. It taught me how to boil an egg - Now dont get me wrong I am not totally shit in the kitchen - I just dont see myself as the apron wearing, bread baking, always got cookies on the go, kind of housewife.

So tomorrow I venture forth into that scarey place called the supermarket and will be buying lots of vegetables - other ingredients (unless its a sauce in a jar I am not too sure what ingredients are lol) and a damn good cookbook.

Now although I have visions of creating masterpiece meals that everyone looks forward to every day I have the feeling its going to be more of a case of everyone looking puzzled at the plate trying to suss out what it was.

I was planning on starting afresh on the diet anyways so I guess its not all bad. Perhaps I should now buy an apron as well.

Friday, March 11, 2005

YEY me!! I went to the gym today and am feeling super fit and healthy. Of course as one of the biggest people there (amoung all the rakes) the only thing I could do was see the funny side of things. Hence we spent most of the time giggling. I got alot of dirty looks from 'serious' gym goers.

Feel alot more cheerful :) I would love to join up there especially since students get a discount. But moneys not looking to rosy at the moment. Since Gary has stopped been away and earning good money things seem very tight. I wonder how everyone manages on a 'normal' wage. So question - should he stay home and be permanently broke or send him away so we can have the nicer things?

Ooo And should I secretly join the gym and tell him later?? lol If only I knew the answers!!!

If you cant see the pictures above its because msn are playing up and thats where I save my pics too. Please could you just take a second to tell me if you see the comment box below as a few people are telling me they are not seeing it and I dont know why :(

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Ok I need to get my act together. I need a life coach. My friend is seeing one and she believes it is really helping her get through her divorce. There are many reasons why I need a life coach but I wont go into them. Lets just say not only has willpower done a runner, but energy and motivation decided to take a trip as well. Anyone been to a life coach?

I guess I never imagined when I was younger that I would spend all day every day planning what to cook for food that night and worrying about housework. But then I dont suppose many people do.

I have seen more vommit in the last week than I care to mention, Both children and myself have been ill. So that means tons of extra washing as well :(

There are little things that cheer me up though. Daughter Joanna caught Daddy having a sly cigarette on the weekend, she shouted at him loudly "Daddy I thought you gave up fagging" (Any americans I am not being sick or anything we British sometimes call a cigarette a fag - Although I have never heard of fagging lol)

Sunday, March 06, 2005

There are many reasons according to my husband why I shouldnt be allowed in the kitchen.

1. I really am dangerous with a knife - I have nearly cut of my fingers many a time.

2. I hate putting food in the oven - After burning myself when I was younger in cookery class making.

3. I always forget we have a smoke alarm - I dont intentionally burn things though.

4. Apparently I make a rubbish cup of coffee - So Gary, Garys mum and Dad and my mum and dad tell me.

5. Any kind of chocolate, biscuits, ice cream or nearly anything really (apart from fruit) arn't say in there.

6. I do not wash dishes properly - Now dont ask me where hubby gets this from - If the foods off them they are clean right?

7. I use cake mix to make cakes

8. I dont own an apron.

9. I add quorn and sugar to spagetti bolognese. (It tastes brilliant though)

10. I can't cut bread straight.

I have told him if I am so terrible then he should get on with it himself. As you can imagine to stay out of the kitchen is quite difficult in my present occupation.

Friday, March 04, 2005

I am back in blogging world - I have been neglecting you all. I deny all blame for this. My darling husband has found a new way for me to contribute to the household income without me leaving the house (as if breeding cats and selling EBay isnt enough) Surveys. Yes thats right surveys - I am now filling in about 10 a day and boy is it keeping me busy.

Other reasons why I have a busy life right now...

Yet again I have left all my college essays till last minute and now have three to do by next Wednesday.

Husband is still doing his "Woe is me" act with his foot and therefore I am still playing dutiful wife to him.

I am trying to train Ethan boy to stay dry in the night - resulting in lots of extra washing (and me falling down the stairs trying to carry too many wet sheets - OUCH)

Oh and Joannas school called me to pick her up this morning as she was feeling sick. She made it to the main steps of the school before throwing up all the way down them. Nice! She is fine now and tucking into a big plate of chips and beans.

Have you heard the UK eurovision entries? I really think it would be better if we didnt enter. Nuff said!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Happy St Davids day

Today is St Davids day - When the welsh celebrate the patron Saint of Wales. The kids get to dress up in costumes. Girls in a Welsh Lady outfit and boys in a waistcoat and flatcap (or more recently a rugby shirt)

For them it means a fun day in school eating Cawl (Welsh vegetable soup) and Welsh cakes. For me it means getting soaking wet whilst standing outside a church for 40 mins waiting to see Joanna sing in a church service. It was well worth the wait.

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