Monday, September 27, 2004

Monday's mean cleaning

I hate Monday mornings, Not only is it a mad rush to get the kids up, dressed and out of the house, but I have to come home to a tip and start cleaning up the debris from the weekend. Yes thats right Gary is worse than the kids - he makes more mess, winds me up more and generally annoys. I guess thats men for you.

We took the kids up to his mothers yesterday and my mother in law had a new toy - A blood pressure testing machine. So we took mine 155/88 which I think is quite good for me - Then we took Garys, 110/63 so he is so chilled he is nearly dead - He spends most of his time stressing me out. I tell you this marriage thing is hard work.

Ethan has taken to getting up at 5am at the moment, and I am totally exausted. My husbands only answer to that is "welcome to the real world" I just want to punch him, He does his hours (granted 70 a week) but thats it, he never worries about the bills, the kids or anything else. He doesnt lift a finger and he still has it harder than anyone else.

Didnt get up to much else this weekend. Joanna is now officially enrolled in Ballet (although I am the one who has to take her every Saturday cos that is too much to ask of hubby obviously) She is thrilled. I also bought her a poncho from ebay and she strutted into the playground this morning proudly, she seems very popular which makes me happy.

I have bought a few christmas pressies now and am glad that I have started as October is nearly upon us.

I managed FTP this weekend - Finally I have it sussed - very happy with myself (I must be a computer genius lol) I also have some brilliant new plug ins for my psp which is also great.

Diet - Well dont talk about that - I havent gained or lost which is ok but its not looking good. Gary put on 2, hurray he is not perfect.

Well on with the cleaning.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I give in

I am not meant to lose weight so I think I am not gonna bother at the moment, Anne you are totally right about the Slimfast thing, and I knew that before I started so I dont know why I bothered lol.

Went out on Saturday night - was supposed to be for a meal, but it ended up as a pub crawl with some friends instead. We had a brilliant time - Gary behaved well considering how much he hates clubbing, especially considering the drama leading up to the night, first of all I decided to put my hair in curlers and when I pulled them out I looked as if I had an electric shock - I spent over an hour trying to calm it down lol it was that curly. Then whilst we were waiting for the taxi by the front door despite Garys warnings to me and the babysitter Eloise my sister to watch the cat wouldnt escape - guess what - yeap she escaped. Dont get me wrong this would be no big deal if I hadnt paid £500 for a pedigree breeding queen. After catching her we wondered where our taxi was and on phoning them they told us that they had been looking for an address that didnt even exsist. We took the car in the end and left it overnight.

We got home at about 2am and collapsed into bed - not really used to the clubbing thing. Ethan then kept us up most of the night :(

I had to enrol in college again last night - I have to do this every year. I study for a part time degree. I am in the third year of six years. This year we had to enrol at Swansea University instead of at the local learning centres where we are taught. It was quite strange - I havent been to an university since I left the first time seven years ago. I had to find my way around with a map and stand in ques whilst everything got processed. One of the members of my class said to me "Come on - since we are here why dont we go over the student union for a pint" Dont get me wrong I probabaly wouldnt have minded if Malcolm wasnt a 74 year old who has had three heart attacks in the last year. We all declined and agreed that we would all get together soon.

Today I am faced with a mound of cleaning and ironing etc having been more than a bit lazy over the last few days - So many things I am avoiding but I now must do them :(

Here goes .....

Friday, September 17, 2004

I have to have chocolate

I got up this morning feeling really rotton, The kids had been fighting since 6am and I am really tired although I have no idea why. I have stuck to the Slimfast thing all week (except Monday oops) and yes it has been really hard - the only thing that has kept me trying is the fact that I know Gary is sticking to it. You see I have never seen the point to it - I mean one shake is about 200 calories and you are supposed to have one for breakfast and one for lunch - Now my reasoning is why not have 200 calories of FOOD which I think is a better idea. I am not a lover of Slimfast at all as you can tell but hey Gary wanted to try it so ok I will give it a shot with him. I got on the scales this morning and I have lost 2lbs - Is that all I thought - for all that agony. I ate chocolate this morning - I have eaten in total 800 calories of food - which I am sure has to be better than slimfast - shhhhhh though Dont tell Gary lol

Whilst surfing the other day I came across a collector fayre in Milton Keynes that I wouldnt mind going to - There are loads of people there I would love to meet including many LOTR stars. Gary said ok we can go but I dont think he knows the extent of what he is saying. You have to start queing to get in at 6am - Do you think I should tell him that ?? In all honesty I dont think we will end up going which is a shame as I will have to wait a little longer to meet my second husband Billy Boed :)

What else have I done this week ?? Cleaned, washed clothes, sorted out toys (its about time I did this as the kids have far too many.) I have also had some discussions with Joanna who has started to react badly in the mornings when I drop her off for school. I have spoken to her teacher to see if alls ok in school but she assures me that Joannas temper tantrums are all for my attention. They spend far too much time with me I think.

I have to enrol for college again on Tuesday - A bit nervous as this time I have to go to Swansea University to do this, instead of the centre in Tairgwaith where I study. I start level two this year, only 4 years to go lol and things start to get serious - I had better work a little harder. I start back on the 29th and am really looking forward.

I am going out on Saturday night woooooo hooooo, I dont get to go out much but we are going for a meal and a few drinks with another couple we know. What shall I wear - Here it comes the depression because I cant fit into anything nice - I shouldnt have eaten the chocolate. ah well I will have to find something, I might curl my hair :)

Monday, September 13, 2004

The challenge!!!!

After another bad week on the diet, Gary insists we have to lose some weight and fast. So in his infinate wisdom he went out and bought us both a weeks supply of Slimfast. We now have a bet on who can lose the most weight in a week. Now this is relatively easy for him - He is in work all day and hasnt time to eat however I stay at home. I had had my two slimfasts by 11.30am and was starving. I am really lacking in willpower. After a couple of packets of crisps and a couple of Milky bars I decided I may as well give in for the day and proceeded to eat and eat and eat. Gary tells me he has stuck to the diet all day :( :( I guess I am going to lose then :( I will probably be the only person alive to gain weight whilst on Slimfast lol

We were thinking of going out on Saturday night but I will be lucky if I can get into any of my clothes. Ok Ok moan over. Well theres one good thing Most Haunted live is on again tonight so theres something interesting to watch. I am getting on ok with the LOTR book now although it is very different to the film.

I have retired Food 4 thought from the site fights finally - I never won the Dome but I just didnt have the time to keep voting. I am now looking for a nice (free) autumn picture to make a nice set for Loud Ladies.

My auctions are going ok on ebay although I havent made very much yet I am hoping that some auctions ending tomorrow will be good and I still have loads more to go on.

We went and booked some bikes for the kids for christmas on Sunday, so thats their main pressie sorted - all I have to do now is pay for it. I want to make this Christmas good so I have started planning already lol.

Ok back to looking for autumn pics.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Doesnt god understand I have no will power?

Well yes I am in a better mood although it was touch and go there for a while. Gary and I have made up and all is well with the world. We have decided we need to socialise and get out a bit more - So Mum and sisters if you are reading then I will be calling on your services more to babysit (obviously not you Naty as Seattle is a little far to drop the kids off for a night out lol) We are planning a night out a week Saturday and I am already planning lol

I am officially trading on ebay again - so if your after any any 80's toys check out my auctions - do a search under the screen name jomarise. Its amazing, all summer I have collected junk from car boot sales and chucked carrier bag upon carrier bag under the stairs and now it looks like I have loads to put on - I listed about 20 items today and have at least double that to go on again. Looks like I will have christmas paid for sooner than I think. I already sold one item today and I had forgotton the buzz you get from it.

I have just started reading the Lord of the rings trilogy - I guess they are those books you have to read but just dont want to - Its so tough I find myself reading aloud just to comprehend the words and I am only on the prologue lol.

ah well no other news here - Shopping day tomorrow - Not a good day for the diet. I lost half a pound this week but only by starving myself two days before class - What I am gonna do for Monday I dont know - I havent been very good as usual. There are so many nice things out there to eat. Even the low calorie stuff is nice - Only problem with that is I eat the whole pack of low calorie biscuits when your only supposed to eat two. I mean who only eats two biscuits??? I HATE DIETS - why cant chocolate either contain no fat or not exsist - Doesnt god understand I have no will power?

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Just a few little pills???

What a weekend. Why do men think that they are the only people on earth?? Why do they belive they come before everything. Gary asked me about a week ago to get his prescription, He is on tablets that stop his excess stomach acid that gives him terrible heartburn. Although I have been flat out all last week preparing for the kids to go back to school I got his prescription request in - which it turns out never got done ***of course this is my fault*** So I asked them to get it done for me and asked the pharmacy to deliver it for me. They never did **My fault again**

Gary hasnt spoken to me all weekend, He has shouted at the kids all weekend as well. I mean its no wonder he gets heartburn. He has gone to bed now - still not speaking to me - And I feel like shouting at him "I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER" We dont get to spend much time together but he has successfully ruined a whole weekend.
So I feel a bit down now not that I would let him see that.

I have a college induction on tuesday -So I will finally be out and about and seeing all my friends again. I have missed everyone so much over the summer. I need to get back to being more than a wife and mother. I am getting to the stage I guess where I need more from life. Theres plenty of time though - right now I need to be with the kids.

I dont have much other news. My mum and I went to another boot sale and found a few bargains - I begin selling on ebay again this week. Christmas with two kids takes alot of planning and alot of money. So it begins here.

I have diet class tomorrow - I have put on weight - I cant find any motivation. I am now nearly as heavy as Gary and cant seem to stop eating. So depressing.

I am going to go before I bore you all to death - I will be in a better mood when I post again Promise.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The end draws near!!

How I have survived I do not know but the end draws near. The summer holidays have been most trying for me, My sanity has suffered badly. The house needs a makeover and I dont think the carpet will ever be the same. I have managed to gain weight again - I am surrounded by mess and I havent seen grown up tv in too long to mention. Tommorrow though - Yes Tomorrow I can start being me again. The chidren return to school and to normality.

I dont doubt it has been stressful for the kids as well. We havent really done an awful lot, money as always is in short supply but thats no reason to go ripping down shelves and smashing vases I have had for the last 10 years.

Gary and I sat and looked at the house last night in despair - How can a 6 year old house look this bad??? We have decided that it is time for some DIY *cringe* We are a couple who bought a new house not to do any DIY and moving for the same reason sounds better and better. We are this weekend going to devise a list of things to do on the house before christmas, And whilst Gary has grand plans of fitting a shower above the bath and building a patio, mine are more conservative like painting the bathroom and fixing the toilet seat!

I feel at the moment like I am just about keeping my head (or sanity) above water, poor gary had to put up with my insufferable bad mood all weekend not having a clue why. I think I shall sleep for the first two days they are back in school - I never have enough sleep.

Nevermind tomorrow is a brand new day and Joanna moves up a class and I will be all alone for the first time in nearly 7 weeks. I have so much to do.