Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A hectic week in the Rees family household consists of ....

1. Going on a trip with the local family centre to get together with 20 other family centres - Result 300 kids and as many parents and a severe headache for me!!!!

2. Listening to talk about and going to see various cars and caravans just to keep hubby happy. To me cars have 4 wheels and go when you press accelerater - How difficult a choice can it be?

3. Trying to keep the house remotely tidy whilst my two little whirl winds destroy everthing I do.

4. Taking said whirlwinds to see Girls aloud at a local concert and having the perfect family day out !!!! No really we did - check out the pics here.

5. Trying to keep on top of the Ebay listings we have running (over 100) and wondering what its going to be like xmas time if we cant get enough stock in now.

6. Hating the daily trip to the post office every day with 20 parcels and two kids. And getting nasty looks from those who have to que behind me.

7. Finding a few bottles of alcopops in the fridge when the kids are in bed and getting 'merry' on my own

8. Buying the new school uniform - one of the quickest ways to kiss goodbye to hard earned cash.

9. Trying to plan what to wear to my sisters 18th birthday - who has to be different and have a hollywood fancy dress party. Which leaves me with a dilema as I am not a perfect size 10 and cant really fit into any hollywood style outfits :(

10. Just trying not to collapse with exhaustion at the end of every day and finding when you get to bed that you cant sleep.

Enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2005

After a week of the agony of toothache - I decided enough was enough, I would have of course preferred to do anything else other than go to the dentist but sometimes we just have to do these things.

Soooo I knew what was coming, My dentist has been itching to pull one of my wisdom teeth for years and yesterday he finally got his chance. Two injections and a great big huge pair of teeth pulling things later(It was awful - I could hear the tooth crunching as it was being pulled) and it was out, relatively quickly.

But now I have a great big huge gaping hole in my mouth and havent eaten anything in two days. I have done the unimaginable and bought soup (I cant tell you how much I hate the stuff) My jaw aches like you wouldnt believe and I am soo tired.

And then hubby steps through the door and says he has a cold - and I am supposed to give him sympathy and run around after him because my pain is no where near as bad as his. No comment.

Monday, August 15, 2005

So when your hubby's boss gives you his luxury £32,000 Mercedes Benz for the weekend with a full tank of diesel your not about to say no.

300 miles later and we have travelled all around the country and really enjoyed every moment. And although I really have to wonder what anyone needs with heated windscreen washers, windscreen wiper that know when its raining and annoying alarms and sensors that know everything from when your not wearing your seat belt to when your feeling cold it truely was a beautiful car and it is amazing how many heads turn when your driving along.

We visited Wookey Hole where my darling daughter didnt fail to point out to our tour guide inside the caves that the fascinating piece of moulded rock he was pointing out could'nt possibly be the Wookey witch turned to stone (as he was claiming) because he had in the previous cave shown us where they had found the her bones. What could I say - she had a point. It was a perfect family weekend.

Jo and Ethan as the dinosaur park Posted by Picasa

In other news my tumble dryer is now lying on its side in bits in the conservatory - Not that I saying I told him so!!!! So I have figured out the belt snapped and have ordered a new one. As Gary is not back till the weekend I tried dropping a few hints to my Dad but he wasnt picking them up - So I guess I will have to have a go, No comments on taking the plug out first please, I am pretty sure I can manage to fix it without any men .... so there lol

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

So it turns out tooth fairies do have magic powers and can find lost teeth so little Joanna got her visit. My online bestest friend Jilly put her posh(ish)voice on and gave her a call pretending to be a tooth fairy and put her mind at rest. Joanna was chuffed to bits and hasnt failed to tell anyone we meet that she personally knows THE tooth fairy. (which has resulted in some strange looks especially from the checkout lady in Woolworths!!)

To my horror my tumble dryer packed in today - whats even worse is that hubby wont let me buy a new one until he has 'taken a look at it' So what exactly does that mean ?? because every time hubby promises to 'take a look at it' nothing really ever gets done. I suppose its like the grown up expression of 'we'll see', I mean obviously hubby knows he doesnt have a damn clue whats wrong with it and that he has to buy a new one and yet his 'take a look at it' promise sounds good. He probably thinks hes going to come home and I have forgotton to plug it in.

I am not going to say anymore, I have horrendous pmt and I will probably alienate every man alive if I keep talking.

Incidentaly does anyone know why home made play dough has to contain cream of tartar? I mean whos keeps that in the kitchen cupboards??

Right I am off to eat 10 bars of chocolate. x x x

Monday, August 08, 2005

HELP ......Mums? Dads? Anyone?

This morning after nearly three months, Joannas wobbly tooth fell out, she was thrilled to bits, as was I.

We had bought her a little heart shaped tin to present her tooth in so that the tooth fairy could come and take it away. Joanna being prehaps a little optimistic had big plans on what to spend her money on.

But disaster, Joanna put the tooth down (wrapped in toilet paper) for a moment in her room and it has vanished off the face of the earth.

I have torn her room to shreds looking for it, 4 hours, double checked toyboxes, moved beds, draws, units and scoured the entire house for the elusive tooth...reluctantly I am now left to accept the fact that my daughters first tooth is gone.

I am really quite upset that this milestone in her life has been ruined, and I will not have this little momento to keep forever.

And Jo is upset that fairies will not visit our home tonight as there is no tooth to take - any suggestions here?

Friday, August 05, 2005

Friends of ours (who shall remain nameless) took their 5 year old son to a coastal park last weekend. A lovely place on the Gower penninsula it also is home to a great number of birds and animals (sort of a small zoo on the waterfront)

The family had a lovely day, even though they had to keep reminding their boy not to go near the water in case he got wet.

However 5 minutes later he was wet! all down the front - although he promised he had not been near the water and had not has any 'accidents'

The parents thought nothing of it, collected their picnic basket and headed home.

After a nice warm bath it was time for bed and mum asked boy if he would like his favorite penguin teddy (The one he hasnt slept without for 2 years) and he said...


Mum asked shocked "Why"

Boy replies "Because I have a real one now"

Mum: "WHAT"

Boy "Downstairs in the picnic basket"

Yes you guessed it - There sitting in the picnic basket looking confused was a baby penguin, explaining why the boy had got wet.

Brings a new meaning to 'pick up a penguin' huh? You turn your back for two minutes and your kid is stealing zoo animals - what is the world coming too?