Thursday, January 01, 2009

I just spent the last ten minutes flicking back through my posts in January to see my past new years resolutions. I don't know what to say - I am still fat so I guess they don't mean much. Still gonna try and eat healthy though even if it is only for a few weeks.

My lovely hubby bought me lots of lovely gifts for Christmas, A digital camera, some chocolates, a CD, GHD hair straighteners and a 5* holiday to Dubai. It is our tenth wedding anniversary in November and we always said we would have a honeymoon as we didn't have one when we married. He has booked a beautiful hotel, and I am really looking forward. It is a long time to wait and I do feel guilty about not taking the kids but it is somewhere I have always wanted to go. So November cant come quick enough for me.

Happy New year all, Hope your new years resolutions don't make you too miserable. Will post a few Christmas pics in a few days.