Thursday, August 31, 2006

After alot of thinking we have decided it's time to move on. The building that will be happening next door will mean alot of hassle for us and whilst I appreciate it wont go on forever, it will mean less light and space for us, It also means we will never be able to add the extension like we had always planned. So after nearly five years we are going to be moving.

After a visit to the estate agents last weekend the house is already up for sale and I feel just a little less secure. I am deliriously overtired having spend the last 24 hours cleaning (apart from 6 hours sleep) My arms ache and I have just said goodbye to our first prospective buyers who decided our garden was too small (Growing plants is highly over rated!)

The estate agents said it wont take long to sell and yet I have the feeling he says that to all his clients. I am pertrified of having nowhere to live if someone does buy this.

I am already stressed to the max and I havent even looked at a piece of paperwork yet. Blah. I refuse to move off the sofa tonight (I actually dont think I could if I tried) All that cleaning for bugger all.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I dont usually moan but for a moment I would just like to rant. Whatever I do at the moment someone decides it would be fun to rain on my parade. You see like so many other Mum's out there I still want to be Me! I still want to be considered a person and I still want to prove my worth.

I want to start a business and have had a couple of really good ideas lately and yet it seems that everywhere I turn there's a dead end. I havent found one helpful person yet in helping me get off the ground with three very different ideas, and that includes companies whose job it is to help me (WDA, Foothold etc) I know these ideas work successfully in other areas so I know they arnt rubbish, Its not as if I havent ran a business before so what is it??? What am I doing wrong.

On another subject a piece of land right next to my house which I have been trying to buy of the council for 5 years has just gone up for sale. They have put it up for sale despite denying to me that they even own it. Worse still is that they plan to force in 4 houses there, which will seriously crowd my house. I am annoyed because we have picked up litter there, sprayed their weeds and cut grass there for years to make the place look tidier, and now I am faced with months of building work, noise and mess.

Other than that I have totally spoilt my diet, I have a huge spot on my nose, havent had a decent conversation with anyone in days and have toothache from a wisdom tooth. My brain is so bored it permanently sleeps and there is still an entire two weeks of summer holiday left. There I think that just about covers it.

Mum, Natalie, Eloise and Emily - No need to ring me - I am sure everyone gets pissed off once in a while!!!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Apparently sleep is just something I am not meant to get at the moment having hardly had any since Monday night. Tuesday Gary decided mistakely to text me in the middle of the night asking me if I was up. He was meant to be texting a work mate. Thing is he text the house phone which converts the messages to voice and then rings you until you answer the thing. Neither me or the children were amused and it was actually quite creepy hearing the eerie BT woman asking if I was up!!!

Wednesday night Gary was home. Aha now I hear you saying "I know what was keeping you awake then" ;) But no such luck! It was infact Gary's phone alarm at 3.30am playing Goldie Looking Chains Crazy dog repeatedley. And worse still we couldnt find the phone to switch it off. I was not amused, especially when his boss rung him at 6am as well.

Thursday night we had heavy rain and thunderstorms all night, enough said. What amazes me is that even after all this the kids are still full of life and ready to go another 10 rounds, me on the other hand well let me just say I really really like my sleep.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

After an unfortunate row with Gary Saturday morning I exercised my right to be a complete biatch!! I made him grovel big time, which resulted in lots of retail therapy all on Garys credit card Yummy!!! Even though one of the things I ended up buying was school shoes for the kids!!

I have no other news as I have become a bit of a hermit, not even going out to do the shopping (aint great) I guess you get to week 4 in the summer holidays and you have pretty much run out of (patience ..Just kidding!!) things to do and places to go. I did spend 7 hours cleaning the kids rooms yesterday which was an eye opener I can tell you - Its disturbing what you can find under a 4 year olds bed.

Apart from that I plod on through every day watching endless amounts of childrens dvds and washing Joanna's six outfit changes a day, occasionaly looking out the window watching life pass by.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

So someone tell me why there is only 24 hours in a day? And why it flies by for adults and yet 2 minutes for a child is like an eternity. Summer holidays are getting to be a slog and to be honest just having a pee in peace is beginning to sound really appealing.

On a personal level I am determined to achieve more within the next year - I feel ready for a new challenge and I am aiming for self employement. I am restless and need to be getting on with things. However the summer break means that even washing the dishes is posing a problem.

Gary has also had loads of work problems since we have been back from holidays which has meant he has had to move on. His new job meant buying another car and it was another bill we could have done without.

My children have, after digging out an old dvd, developed an obsession with Care bears which has already meant trapesing around car boot sales searching for virtually extinct toys. Joanna is after one particular one called Noble heart horse, so I went looking on Ebay look what one went for on there the other day. I mean why spend that on a teddy ffs. Tell me I am not wrong here.

Finally wooo hooo Jenson Button won a Grand Prix - And typically British he did it with style. Ooo and Gabriella where are you??? Your blog vanished.