Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ah crap - I was going to write a nice long entry being as I havent blogged in a week, But my hubby has announced he is home tonight so I now have to run around like an idiot pretending to be the good little housewife that I am not.

We had a "discussion" on the weekend on how easy it is to be a housewife. According to the world of man there is....' no way I can say that I come home from dropping the kids off and clean all day until I pick them up' The world of woman replies 'Well duh no I do stop occasionally to have a pee and some food if thats ok'
He replies 'I am just saying you have it pretty easy' GOBSMACKED And yes he is still currently breathing despite me wanting to rip him to pieces.

Sooo its a race against the clock to prove my worth - so far in the last hour I have washed and dried the dishes, bribed the kids to clean the lounge, stuffed a load in the wash machine and tumble drier and had a quick dash around with the duster.

Now I have to prepare a tantalising meal for two with a tin of harlicot beans, quark (whatever the hell that is) and some tinned tomatos. Damn diet classes for not making more realistic meals for me to make. Wish me luck cos if it tastes shit my name will be mud.

Of course thats on top of everything else I have had to do today which I wont go into and this is now turning into a long post/rant ....sorry... blame pmt!!!

Promise to blog again tomorrow and answer the tag from Rhea.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The door on the car completely packed in on Friday and wouldnt stay shut, even if you got out and kicked the crap out of it. I mean car doors are there to stop you falling out whilst going around roundabouts - all except mine which wants to kill me.

So now after much argueing with a totally uninterested husband - I mean arnt men supposed to know how to fix this shit? You think he would be interested in me falling out of a car going at 50mph - It would hurt right?

His solution was to tie my door to the back door so now they stay closed but Ethan and I have to climb in the passenger side to get in. And thats not so easy. I am going to make no further comments on my husbands ability to repair cars.

The travelling fair was in town this weekend, and I promised the kids we would go on Saturday or Sunday. Only problem was it rained, Now this wasnt just any rain, this was torrential monsoon thunder and lightening overflow your guttering rain. Unsurprisingly the fair stayed shut. My life, consequently, was a living hell all weekend. Its all my fault that it rained - bet you didnt know I had total control over the weather.

Worst of all the fair packed up Monday morning and went on its way without the kids having paid a visit and how guilty do I feel? They get everything I can possibly provide them, which is more than alot of kids and yet I still feel guilty for not taking them to the fair.

On Friday Joanna's school has a teacher training day (but Ethan's playgroup doesnt)so we are having (according to Joanna) a girly day. I can tell this is going to be expensive. I just know she will use the emotional blackmail "mummy you didnt take us to the fair so can I have...." line.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

How was I ever going to find it in this?

How am I supposed to find it in this? Posted by Hello

I looked for nearly half an hour this morning. It's Wednesday and library book day for Joanna. Look at that darkened pit though, How can a five year old that spends so much time making sure she looks beautiful have a bedroom like that?

Two hours later Posted by Hello

Now isnt that much better, more fitting for a beautifl little girl. A whole bag full of rubbish, 5 odd socks, a mouldy sandwhich and more hidden writing on the wall (please note if you are ever going to deny that you wrote on the wall you really shouldnt write your own name!!).. later and I finally find the damn book.

Finally - the library book. Posted by Hello

Too late of course. but ah well nevermind she does love the story. Can you believe I only cleaned that room a week ago? And more to the point that she has supposedly cleaned it three times since then.

Monday, May 16, 2005

I dont want to sound sexist here, But I only ask my husband to do one job around the house - Mow the lawn. I dont think its much to ask. I have been known to lay laminate flooring, paint bedrooms, mastic the conservatory roof and repair vcr's during the time he is away.

Why then is it that he assumes me as lazy when I ask him to do this one task. Am I lazy when I wash and iron his clothes? Am I lazy when I when I cook him food, de-flea the cat, wash the dishes, change the beds, and everything else that goes along with not only being mum but also being dad whilst he is away all week. He says "weekend is my time" I say "Mine too - but wait housework doesnt take time off"

The lawn did get mowed but unfortunately the strimmer got viciously dismantled when the cable broke for the 7th time. RIP strimmer.

Despite strimmers untimely death, we managed to have a good weekend, We ate lots (And I mean lots) Played hard (football in newly mown garden) And watched lots of tv (Rented the Incredibles film) The weather has been lovely and the weekend was enjoyed by all - here is some proof.

Ice cream is soooo good Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A week of weirdness consists of

Watching a mother at the school panic because she has to find a goldfish by 3pm that looks exactly like her daughters beloved Nemo who got eaten by the cat the night before.

Finding out that my son is a potential jedi after watching him beat the crap out of his gran and aunty at the same time with a light saber. They will have some bruises tomorrow.

Me kicking crap out of the car door today after not being able to get the door open - Yes this after not being able to keep them shut!!

Celebrating my Dads birthday with a cake (Even though he doesnt do birthdays or cake) because my daughter kept asking why he didnt have one. And I wont even talk about the candles.

Dashing out at 4.30pm on a Monday to post a Cinderella light up jiggly pen to an ebayer who absolutely, definately has to have one by Thursday!!!!!!!!

It being Tuesday and I am not skint, the house is clean and I have actually been to the gym.

And of course finally that it is Tuesday and this is the second blog entry of the week, I had better do something quick or I may actually pass for being organised.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Hello all - Yes I am still alive.

The last week and a half has been so busy.

Friday 30th - Driver side door on the car decides to start voluntarily throwing itself open - even when locked. This major problem forces us to hire a car to go on our trip to Milton Keynes.

Sat and Sun 1st and 2nd - After getting up at 3am sat we got to Milton Keynes without getting lost in any major way and met, Corin Nemec (Stargate), (Christian Coulson (Harry Potter), Tom Felton (Harry Potter), Sean Astin (Lotr), John Rhys Davies(lotr) Bernard Hill (Lotr) Alexis Denisof (buffy) James Marsters (buffy) and Anthony Stewart Head (Buffy) Phew Ooo and big shopping centre too - My credit card loved this place.

Sean Astin Posted by Hello

It was very tiring, but lots of fun.

Mon 3rd - Gary and I decide after the cars recent misbehaviour that its time for us to part company and spend the day looking at cars and then argueing over it which one to buy - Result = no new car

Tue, Wed and Thur - Oh shit, Essays, crap I forgot, I had to write two of them. Spent these three days educating myself and writing up essays on scientific progress in the 17th and 18th centuries and Darwin.

Fri - Oh shit again - No clean bowls - better do some washing up, No clean knickers either - I guess I should do the laundry.

Sat and Sun - Gary is home and the debate about a new car continues. My head hurts when I think about this now.

Tomorrow and Tuesday will be spent continuing to sort this house out - I am exausted just thinking about it.