Thursday, August 26, 2004

Food is too yummy to diet

We all had a great weekend - On Saturday we took the kids to Mcdonalds and then to the Ice cream Parlour and in the evening Gary and I had a chinese so diet ruined in the first week lol. Sunday we made an early start to take the kids to Folly farm, The weather was supposed to be awful all day - But instead we had a lovely day. This was the first time we went anywhere and Ethan walked all day - So much easier than taking the pushchair - Its days like these you realise how quickly they grow. We did everything there was to so, and came home exausted - needless to say they were asleep as soon as they got into bed.

Monday morning and the kids were off to their Mamgu's (Garys mum) so I had a day of peace, But I was dreading today, Diet class and by the time I got there was in a cold sweat - How could I lose weigh after eating two mcdonalds, a chocolate marshmallow sundae, not to mention the candy floss and popcorn. But I did lose 5 and a half pounds and now I know I have to work extra hard otherwise it will catch up with me next week - I am already thinking of excuses not to go, especially since me and the kids have been making cakes and I just ate 6 - Food is too yummy to diet.

I just got my Lord of the Rings The two towers extended dvd this morning, with the 42 extra minutes making it nearer 4 hours long. I cant wait to watch it but unfortunately it wont be tonight as Gary promises he will be home and theres no way he would sit through it lol.

I am off out early in the morning to take my sister Emily to get her GCSE results, I know she will do brill. To be honest it will be good to get out of the house, I cant wait for things to go back to normal, At the moment I feel as if I am in Limbo. One of my friends from college called yesterday with all the news - I was so excited to hear from her, I start back in October in my third year of the 6 years I have to do - Normality seems so far away.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

19 August 2004

The last few days have been so stressful, everything that could go wrong has been, remember I said as a joke in my last entry that I hadn't had any post - well I really haven't and the day before yesterday I started getting nasty phonecalls from catalogues, electric people, phone people that say they have sent me letters and I haven't replied. Since i really hadnt heard anything I was really worried, It turns out according to Royal Mail that someone is stealing my mail - so they are investiagting. I such a bad day worrying about it - i also had to cancel a cheque book that had been sent out.

On the bright side my website is finally finished and I have put it in the search engines etc and had loads of visitors last night when I finally gave everyone the link lol.

We are hoping to go on a daytrip on Saturday - if the weather is ok, We haven't really been out as a family much over the holidays and it doesnt look like we will be able to go on holiday again this year. ( yes I know I went to Seattle lol but I meant for the kids) We were thinking of going to Folly farm down Tenby way as it has lots of animals for the kids to see and lots for the kids to do as well as a fair.

I did get around to joining the slimming class on Monday and have stuck to it so far, I was hoping for a good loss in the first week although when I got on the scales at home - I havent lost anything. I was hoping for at least a pound especially as I have been so good lol. I know it takes time and I have to be patient - Its just I can hear the chocolate calling from here lol

oh well only two more days til the weekend and I can see my hubby again and get that huge hug I have been waiting for all week.

Monday, August 16, 2004

16th August 2004

I havent had a chance to blog in a while, I have been busy, I have nearly got all the pages for the website up now, although they are not all linked up. Some days I get nothing done at all and then others I get loads done. The end of the summer holidays grows closer and I am looking forward to the return to normality, Gary and I seem to be spending most of our weekend repairing or adding locks to things at the moment. I have to see if Joannas uniform still fits her this week - That will cost a fortune if it doesnt, I already know I have to get new shoes for them both.

I dont have any news really - I feel as if I am in a time warp at the moment - I rarely see anyone, Even the the postman only calls once a week. I am hoping to join a slimming class today - Since I have been home all day every day - I am piling on the pounds. As soon as the kids start back to school I am going to start selling on Ebay again- as I have to pay for Christmas which will be here before I know it lol.

I have decided to enter Korona for another cat show which is in Salisbury in October - I hope she wins this time.

Right off to do some more work now

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Thursday 5th August

OMG I think I am going insane. This website is driving me up the wall lol. I have got the hang of all the html and am getting pages up quite quickly now, Its just all the linking up takes a while. Nevermind. I havent been out of the house much in the last week - Tax ran out on the car so have been stuck in the house with my two little terrors, apart from squashing playdough into the carpet, covering the bathroom in talc, terrorizing the cat and generally making a mess - they have pulled a shelf down off the wall and pulled the curtain rail down in the living room ripping the plaster out as well.

Pay day tomorrow though and I will be out taxing the car and then off out - I am already planning lots for next week to keep them occupied. I think I may have one of my sisters staying down a few nights and I am planning on getting to the gym as well.

I am off to a car boot sale on Saturday morning, I am gathering stuff to start selling again on ebay - Although I wont be starting selling again until the kids go back to school. I will let you know what bargains I find.