Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I am not a patient person so when I discovered that the cat was pregnant I was glad it was only 65 days I would have to wait to have lots of little kitties around. Only problem is I have no idea when the 65 days started so I awake every morning wondering if she has popped them out!

She is irriated by it all now and waddles everywhere and has to sit down on the journey from the living room to the kitchen because apparently its just too far. I have to keep all doors closed especially upstairs because if she decides to give birth under Ethan's bed he would flip. He cant sleep with the light off, He would have no hope with kittens under his bed.

So we all wait and wait and wait, Joanna is as impatient as me. Please be in the next few days - I just want to get it over with.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Some things really bug me! I dont feel strongly about many things but this is one of them. Our local council has decided yet again that they will, by whatever means get rid of the small business and move in the big business.

When we moved to Llanelli six years ago, it was a nice friendly town with a vibrant town centre and a small out of town shopping facility. In the years since it seems like where ever there is green they have built on it. Initially I saw this as progress but now it just seems like we have a council intent on forcing our town into a mass of large shopping chains. The small out of town shopping facility has been rebuilt closing most of the shops that were there before and making it gridlocked on a weekend due to a badly designed car park.

This has had the knock on effect on the town centre and shops are closing on an almost weekly basis - unfortuanely all small retailers. And now the council have decided to develop the eastern quarter of the town (neglecting the town centre market which has been in need of refurbishment for as long as we have lived here) To do this they have a beautiful building in their way - A public house named the Island house, This once listed building is over 200 years old and they apparently cannot find a way of incorporating into their plans for yet more steel frame buildings housing yet more mega stores. So they want to compulsory purchase without regard for those who own it, those who take a living from it, those who enjoy visiting it and those who enjoy seeing it as they enter the town. I feel disgusted beyond belief.

If you get a moment please sign the petition here thanks.

Friday, February 16, 2007

I have done something really silly and signed up to race 4 life This isnt silly because it raises millions for Cancer research, or because 800,000 women will take part in the 5k run, It is silly because I am what doctors would call morbidly obese and have trouble getting to the top of the stairs without a break!

However my recent trips to the gym and competitiveness with my sister Emily have promted us to set ourselves a target in which we may just possibly get a little fitter or a little lighter. The big day is on 17th June so I have a few months to prepare.

This is my page if you want to check it out.

I get the feeling I have let myself in for a serious eye opener as to how unfit I actually am, but on the bright side I shall be raising money whilst I do this and possibly help someone out there who needs it.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lately I have been all busy busy busy. An inspection at the school meant lots of rules and regulations had to be learnt word perfect. An obsession with the gym has helped me drop 8lbs without having to diet (which is excellent) Massive amounts of the white stuff literally meant having to ski in the car to the school to get the kids and wheel spin all the way home (which was fun ) and half term this week means having two bored kids moping around the house like they dont own a single toy!!

Last weekend was Ethans birthday and his party was at the local wetlands - which lived up to its name because it tipped down the entire time. In the end I couldnt have cared less if the ducks were hungry because it was blowing a gale and I was getting soaked.

Ooo I just upgraded to the new blogger - isnt it much easier and quicker to add pictures - about bloody time I say.

Devastatingly I shall be 31 on Sunday - How time flies when your having fun eh!?!