Friday, November 11, 2005

To the stupid man who beeped his horn at me today in Asda car park because he obviously needed 100 yards to park his fiesta - bugger off and learn to drive because you will not put me in a bad mood.

To the miserable woman on the checkouts - Its not my fault your there - politness costs nothing. You will not put me in a bad mood.

To Argos who never have the toys in stock I want to get the kids for christmas - screw you - I can get them on Ebay - You will not put me in a bad mood.

To the car finance company whos settlement figure on my car meant I still had to pay an astronomical amount of money - Your vultures - Take your money - The car is mine - You will not put me in a bad mood.

To my bank who will not let me take more than £1200 out of my own account because they dont keep that much money there - Your full of **** - Your a bank ffs. Anyway you will not put me in a bad mood.

To my car whose central locking system suddenly stopped working the day before I part exchange it for a new car - I dont care - do your worst because you will not put me in a bad mood.

No, nothing anyone or anything can throw at me will put me in a bad mood because this week hubby and I inherited an amount of money that will make us comfortable for a good while.

Thankyou Uncle Jack for putting me in a good mood. May you rest forever more in peace.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ah crap - I hate computers. Macromedia flash player 8 keeps crashing my pc and I cant do anything about it. In an ideal world when I email them to complain about it they wouldnt send me some bullshit automated reply and would actually read my email. Getting close to launching the computer out the window now.

There are a few things that cheer me up despite the fact that it apparently hasnt stopped raining for weeks. Firstly we are definately looking for a car this week, and so far havent argued too much about chosing one.

And just to annoy Jilly - Its only 47 days till xmas and I cant wait. I am also doing well on my diet (for once) and in general life is good.

That is apart from Ethan (3) grabbing one of the other mums hands at the school today and telling her he was gonna snog her, and they proceeded to snog her hand - I mean where the hell did he learn the word and what it was, because I sure didnt teach him it. That was topped off nicely by Joanna (5) asking me when she could buy herself a proper bra !!!! I never fail to be surprised by motherhood.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

So after losing my patience on more than one occasion on hubbys week off I was sentenced to one week of hard labour (otherwise known as half term /autumn break) During this time I had endure birthday & Halloween parties, brother and sister fights resulting in shoe throwing and bleeding head wounds, excessive amounts of house cleaning, Shopping with the kids with full tantrum action (yeah mums you all know it) and finally kids friends visiting for tea (just what I need - More kids!!!)

Kids in the party mood Posted by Picasa

After good behaviour I was released on bail this morning (when they went back to school YEY), but still have to partake in much community service - In the form of Church harvest services and the like.

Nevermind though, I was smuggled some Reeses white peanut butter cups in last week by sis Natalie (send me more pwetty please) Thank you to Beth without whom I would have never know they exsisted and would have been forced to live without them.

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So November is a lovely time of year - Its great because I have had the sense to start my Christmas shopping ages ago and can now relax and watch people start stressing - No names mentioned - you know who you are.

Its also great because I can bribe the children into almost anything using the "Santas watching you - so you had better be good" line. Daughters room remains clean for more than two days - what more can I say.

Alas however this will be the last christmas I shall enjoy being in my twenties for next february I hit the dreaded big 30. I am going to sulk now.
I got tagged by Rhea so here goes. 20 things about me you may not know.

1. I have 9 GCSES, 3 A Levels and a degree in Archaeology.

2. I used to collect erasers when I was a child and still have them now.

3. I am the eldest of four sisters, there is a 7 year gap between me and Natalie (second eldest)

4. I have a strange obsession with snow.

5. I am not religious

6. I love films especially sci fis

7. I love spending time alone (I guess that comes with being a mother lol)

8. I am a very good swimmer

9. I have a tattoo on my left breast - oooo errrrr!!!!

10. I absolutely 100% love christmas and always buy far too much.

11. I have run two pubs and an off licence - No I am not a hardened alcoholic before you ask.

12. I passed my driving test on the third attempt

13. I have long brown hair and brown eyes

14. I like to read and have a bedside table full of books that I will probably never get the chance to read.

15. I can draw quite well.

16. I absolutely adore shopping at Next

17. I have to climb through the passenger side door of my car to get to the drivers side because my drivers side door in tied shut because its broken. I am hoping to finally get a new car next month.

18. I hate having my photo taken.

19. I am an Ebay addict. Who needs shops anyway?

20. I have a cat called posh - she is a maine coon

I tag Jilly, Natalie and Pickle to tell us 20 facts