Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Race for life?? Yes I ran, it was humid, it was raining, I got wet and nearly killed myself trying to beat my daughter's snooty teacher. Ha ... eat my dust Miss!!! We got around in 57 minutes which wasnt too bad considering we walked most of it whilst commenting on everything from the woman in fronts pink daisy covered shorts to world peace! It was emotional ok!! I got a medal though that was good, and sadly I wore it most of the day.

In other news today I travelled on a bus!! Now this may not seem strange to you but to me this is a major thing. I hate buses and pride myself on the fact I wouldnt know where to stand to catch one. OMG it cost me £1.30 to travel 2 miles, what a rip off. Apparently if you travel on buses you have to be prepared to discuss the weather with as many old people as possible... And some bloke (middle aged not old ) ruffled my hair and grinned as he walked past me!!! Is this some kind of bus riding initiation? I am confused. Thanks to the bus driver though - he was most helpful when I just got up from my seat and declared I wanted to get off now despite there being an obvious lack of bus stops. I like being difficult.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

No the dentist didnt kill me in some freak drill accident - I am alive albiet with a chesty cough from hell (and no .. Mum I will not see a doctor only to be told it's bloody viral!!)

When the dentist told me she was going to do the filling without the injection I started shaking uncontrollably but truth be told - it was ok. It didnt cause massive amounts of pain and I will live to eat the usual bag of nuts at Christmas time.

Sunday I do the race for life. It started out as a bet between my sister Emily and me. We permanently have some bet going, anyway as time has gone on we have both failed to keep up the "go to the gym really often" bet and the "lets lose a stone" bet so now we are totally screwed when it comes to Sunday. I have been fortunate enough never to know anyone with cancer but when I looked into the race I felt hypocritcial just doing it for a laugh.

And even worse was the fact that a close friend of mine has just found out her Dad has cancer, and this really upset me, I cant imagine what they are going through as a family right now. So this weekend I will race for Stewart, otherwise known as Jilly's Dad. Wish me luck because I am sooooo gonna need it.