Sunday, December 23, 2007

I drank so much last night that for the first time in my life I can justify visiting a bottle bank. May it be the start of many trips. I had my three sisters over for a girly night - It involved drinking games and I think thats enough said!!!!

Earlier this week we all went ghost hunting at Craig-y-Nos castle . It was a good night but I couldnt help but smile when the ghost tour guide told me ghosties were using my energy and I was there for a 'different reason' Interesting though - Will probably go back for an all nighter.

I cant believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve, when I was a kid it took forever to come around, December seemed so long and now I just dont get time to think about it.

I hear Tesco opens at 12.01am tonight - Dare I do my Christmas food shopping at midnight? If I avoid the crowds - Damn right, That reminds me I have to take the turkey out.

Have a happy massively merry Christmas - Thank you to all that stop by and comment, I do appreciate it - And see getting all emotional now!!!!!