Monday, December 15, 2008

I could start my first post in nearly six months by telling you how the last six months have been. I could dwell on the fact all our perfect business plans fell apart when a someone we believed to be a friend wrecked everything overnight. I could tell you about the weeks that followed, about how we had to spend all our savings to get by and how we had to start all over again. I could tell you how my grandparents have appeared to age within weeks and how this after many problems this resulted in my Nan falling and breaking her leg, and that she is now in hospital and looking at spending Christmas in a home.

The last six months has also been good. Every challenge we have overcome, the kids are happy and we have got Christmas sorted (despite thinking we wouldnt have 5p)

Thank you to all that have emailed me, sorry if I have not replied. I seem to get online less and less these days simply to 'surf' It always seems to do banking or shopping or some other routine mundane task. I will never the less try to blog more although it wont be every day like Jilly promises.