Sunday, July 31, 2005

So after many years of attempted gardening ... finally a breakthrough. I planted 6 packs of seeds back in May and this is the result.

Finally a flower Posted by Picasa

Yes I know it doesnt look like much but to me its an awful lot. You see this is what usually happens to my flowers (please note I did exactly what the instructions said)

And this is what they usually look like!! Posted by Picasa

Ok so I do not have greenfingers (does anyone know where I can get them?) Apart from this little flower the only plant I have managed to keep alive was a bunch of chives when I was about 11, which to my despair, when offering them for a salad my mum ripped from the ground and threw away saying that the cat had peed on them. :(

So rip bonsai tree, rose bush, cactus, apple tree and various other strangly named plants.

And long live the pretty pink flower (no I have no idea what its called)

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