Sunday, July 24, 2005

One day of peace isnt alot to ask is it? The last two weeks have been so hectic its been hard work finding time to go to the loo! Cat shows, weddings, school plays, sports days, summer fayres, doctors, opticians and dentist appointments amoungst many other things meant I have been simply to lazy to blog.

I am convinced I am or about to go mad faced with the 6 week summer break that now looms over me. The house will not be clean all summer, I will not find the bottom of the laundry basket until September, everywhere I go will take three times as long, the fridge will be constantly empty, and I will forget what it feels like to be alone or have adult conversation.

That said and done I approach the holidays with the false hope I will be able to keep order and stick to a routine. Lots of stories, arts and crafts and cake cooking are just some of the things I have planned to keep them busy at home.

Its never a good sign when the kids ask you "Why do we have to have a summer break?" Both the children are very social and could think of nothing worse than spending so much time with me.

In other news I broke my little toe trying to get into Joannas room, Had to have new contact lenses because I am officially blind as a bat, finally got around to reading Da Vinci code and started the new Harry Potter book and dyed my hair pink!!! (just kidding about the last part!!)

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