Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sometimes when I see and listen to the other mums fussing at the school in the mornings I have to wonder if I am 'normal' I mean am I the only one who....

Really means it when I say 'I couldnt get up this morning'?

Seriously wouldnt have a problem with leaving the sink full of dishes all day?

Doesnt stress if the kids draw on the wall?

Wouldnt mind if I never go back to work?

Can honestly eat 4 bars of chocolate in a row(especially if they are Reeses)?

Hate ironing so much I tumble dry nearly everything and just hang them straight away?

Actually knows how to work a computer?

Doesnt like my kitchen at all?

I must be a freak, I dont really bother with how I look when I leave in the morning, never seem to get there late because I had to wash the dishes, and dont want to cook 3 course meals. I also hate karaoke, exercise and all boybands (I am sure this makes a difference somehow) I bet they dont even scratch their arse when they are on their own either!

Who wants to be normal anyways ?????

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