Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Yes I am still alive and yes I know its bad to go absent without blogging but see its like this .... well.... um... Ok basically I am just lazy.

Whats been going on over the last two weeks

1. I started back at college to be told they want me to do 160 hours of reading at home for the course - YEAH RIGHT !!! - with kids its just never gonna happen

2. I discovered Reeses peanut butter cups - Now seriously why has no one told me about these before now ??? huh ??? huh ????

3. Thanks to Jilly I have a new obsession to Lost and it has already cost me £30 on a dvd box set. Yeah thanks for that Jilly!!!!!!!!!

4. I have begun christmas shopping - Dont start on me - I have to plan ahead for these things!

5. My costume didnt turn up in time for Emilys birthday party, neither did Emilys or my mums resulting in much stress and panic.

6. The one night I have to have hubby home to babysit for the party he has to work late. I mean what kind of excuse is "Hunny work is on fire and I have to help fire fighters move some of the wood before it catches fire" At the time I was not amused.

Garys work on fire Posted by Picasa

Although apparently he wasnt trying it on and it did make the news

7. Had to take my two little angels to the party costing me a fortune in fancy dress outfits

Fairy and a Ninja Posted by Picasa

Best I could come up with in an hours notice.

8. Watched my sister get hilariously drunk - made her promise a whole load of things including its ok to publish this photo.

Emily on her 18th Posted by Picasa

9. Learnt how scarey it is when your gran dresses as Marliyn Monroe - No further comment there.

10. Finally somewhere in there I had a really bad cold for nearly a week which lots of early nights, medicine, flu remedies, Lemsip and paracetamols did nothing for, causing me to moan uncontollaby because I am actually quite a baby when I get ill

Other than that its just been a normal two weeks, I really should go and consider dressing the kids for school !!!

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