Thursday, June 15, 2006

So is anyone else on My Space??? How addictive is it? I have only just created my site but after just a few days it has crept to the top of my favorites list. If you are on there add me as a friend please because I have none!!!! My link is on the left.

I am enjoying the lunchtime supervisors job. I am told by the class I supervise that I am the best in the world and that I should be a teacher as well. I would hazard a guess thats because I dont know all the rules yet and they are getting away with many a thing they shouldnt. Ethan saw me in the playground yesterday, and without any emotion said "Miss can I go to the toilet?" I was shocked - he totally blanked his own mother!!

And OMG panic panic 10 days and we are all going on our first ever holiday abroad as a family. I have lists of my lists of things I have to do. If I could just take everything in the house with me it still wouldnt be enough. Happy weekend all!!