Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So we are finally moved and more importantly reconnected to the internet. No there is no time delay - I got connected ages ago - I have just been to lazy to blog. The house is lovely and for those that care - detailed pictures (mainly for Natalie) are on the left.

With moving so close to christmas I realised I have to at some point buy presents which I never usually leave this later thus resulting in one panic stricken mother. Every child has to pick one present that you can never find, This year it has been the limited edition yellow power ranger outfit - which I have had to search the entire world for. And who could forget the elusive Barbie and Tanner I hear it is getting taken off the shelves as a dog that does its business everywhere is apparently a bit controversial. Perhaps everyone missed the fact that we have had peeing and pooing dolls everywhere for years.

Other than the usual christmas carnivals (getting soaked waiting for loads of half drunk rugby players and santa go past on a lorry) Christmas Fayres (where other mums slag each others cakes off) and christmas concerts (where reluctant parents are forced to attend school services to see their kids sing one song) there is not much else to report.

Oh and the woman across the road has put up huge amounts of christmas lights and decorations, she says her boys love them!!!! fair enough ... but her "boys" are two dogs!!!!!