Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Someone must have nicked a month from me because suddenly its Christmas and I am sooo unprepared. I appreciate the shops put their decorations up about 8 weeks ago and so I have had some notice however I looked at the calender this morning and it's the 5th December already.

So last night I did what needed to be done and spent a fortune on Ebay buying pressies and then spent an hour and a half writing Christmas cards to people I havent seen since last Christmas.

Tonight I will probably start the soul destroying job of packing the children's presents. This usually starts with a glass of wine, a bar of chocolate and some nicely packed presents and ends with an empty bottle of wine, a half drunk Sarah and wrapping paper cellotaped to said toy in any way remotely possible.

Daughter has been chosen to be an angel (one of about ten) in the school play and is consequently unbearable to live with as she gets to wear a pretty outfit in front of the whole school. Meantime 1st December meant boy was out of bed at 5am to get the first chocolate out of his calender, he is so over excited I wonder if he will make it til to Christmas without exploding.