Friday, January 05, 2007

Do you like my hat?

Now usually I don't take an instant dislike to many people however on Wednesday we travelled to Bristol to have our photo make over. Now I was already dreading this enough without having a make-up artist that believed that a woman without make-up was like Las Vegas without casinos!

I then had to endure a barrage of insults which she thought to be totally justified, for example "You shouldnt blame your kids for you being to lazy to look after yourself and apply make-up" .... "You should wear make-up even around the house" .... "One day you will go back to work and you dont want to join the work force looking like that" By this point I was ready to shove her make-up brushes up her ... well you get the picture.

On the whole though the experience wasn't as bad as I had had nightmares about and I managed to come out of it with no-one saying "Your too fat too photograph" or laughing out loud at the very idea of me posing seductively. I think they may possibly be the best photographs of me ever taken.

If you want to see some of the pictures just click on my flickr where you can also find my Christmas pictures and the hilarious attempts of my jealous six year old who was devestated she didnt get to have a make over photo shoot especially since according to her photos of her are "sooo beautiful" I kid you not - thats ego for you huh?