Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My god doesnt time fly when your your throwing up with stomach bugs? Yes I have slept more in the last week than in the last month and have lost half a stone as well (which you wont hear me moan about) Lets just say I wont be eating chicken curry again in a hurry!

Ethan has become a social creature and has something planned for every night of the week which is also keeping me busy. I feel like I should get a "Mums taxi" bumper sticker for the car. You know your old and sad when your four year old has more of a social life in one week than you have had in years!!! Whilst I was in work today I asked him what he was playing with his friends, He replied..

"Dont you know?... We are playing powerful flying pumpkins"

Silly me eh?

As well as this Joanna randomly asked me who would win if the sofa, the table and the wall had a war!!!! Answer me why I actually considered for a moment who would win?

In other news Posh the cat is expecting her first babies - Great more mouths to feed and more mess - I cant wait!!!!