Thursday, March 29, 2007

So I blame lack of life for lack of blogging, but hey, looks like I'm not the only one - Blogging seems to be going out of fashion, I notice a good few of my reads have decided to stop writing and everyone seems to be waiting for the next big (internet) thing. So because I am in a rush heres the last two weeks in point form.

Kittens began to make noise... not good.

In work they tried to give us training on how to play playground games with the children, they sent a newly qualified teacher to do this - needless to say we had a laugh and he went home very stressed. Serves them right - I know how to play tag!!! I was a child once!!

Kittens found out how to get out of their basket .... bad.

Hubby moved jobs and is now working alot harder than ever before, I see him even less but I know he will enjoy the challenge and do really well.

Kittens discovered how to walk .... Very bad.

They decided it was time to tarmac our driveways in the culdesac which meant six houses each with two cars argueing over places to park. Tempers flared and there was car chaos.

Kittens waddle quickly all over the place ... nearly squashed one yesterday... damn furry things!

Joanna lost her two front teeth, and then lost one of them, causing a whole house search only to find it ... you will never guess where... yes under her pillow!!!

Kitten got stuck behind litter tray and howled loudly

And finally apart from a kitten dominated life we are all looking forward to Joanna's birthday this weekend - Our first born turns seven. and it seems like only yesterday she was born, Time flies.