Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I swear I cleaned the bathroom this morning but if you went in there right now you would never believe I have. There is sand in the bath.. SAND.. I mean where the freaking hell did sand come from?? Next to the sink is a sweet tub full of blue coloured water and in the sink there is lots of multi coloured toilet paper. There are pencil sharpenings on my newly hovered carpet and toothpaste on the toilet seat. The scarey thing is the kids were only up there ten minutes so imagine the destruction they are capable of. I am 100% positive that school holidays were invented to discover if parents could get through them without killing the kids!

Ethan is currently creating the worst noise because he cant find a big, medium small sized box and Joanna has already changed 3 times this morning claiming she has to look fashionable (whilst declaring that boys just dont understand girls!!!)

Even worse is the fact that its only day 3 and they have just eaten sugar filled lollipops - If I dont make it out alive I want a big expensive funeral (REALLY expensive - because I'm worth it!!)