Monday, July 02, 2007

On an out of the blue visit to Morrisons (as part of our blatent refusal to shop at Tesco) last weekend we stopped at the fish counter. The fish monger was an enthusiastic little man who inspired us to try something different. Bad move .... we ended up buying some of these little lovlies!

I have no idea what I was thinking!! No they are not prawns they are langoustines and are supplied raw in their shells. By the time we got home we had forgotton how to cook them so decided to steam them.

This was also a bad idea as not only meant we could hear the shells cracking but we could see the eyes boiling. By the time they were ready Gary was already on the phone to the local chinese in a blatent refusal of having anything more to do with them, I on the other hand refused to give up without a fight. So armed with a pair of yellow gloves decided it was time to crack them open and see why they were so special (they did cost us £5 for 6)

Well lets just conclude by saying they weren't for me, anything with eyes should be left alone, the fish monger at Morrisons is a bit of a fibber (they were not the best food I ever tasted!!) and I am most definately not going to win any cooking competitions .... ever.