Saturday, July 07, 2007

Teachers training days are great arnt they **Hint - I was being sarcastic** In one of my less intelligent moments I decided cooking would keep children happy.
Lets just say we will be eating fairy cakes for days and the kitchen will never be the same again.

Whilst the kids were eating their creations I spent the afternoon counting pennies - I kid you not! We are saving every penny to go on our holidays, we are driving to Spain (yes I know thats mad)

I have to have a house sitter because I have a plant to water - Yes I know its random but I have kept a plant alive for more than two weeks and thats a miracle for me. All hail Sarah's Basil!!!

I also did alot of this ......

Because on my way to Spain I want to stop here ...

I am just one big kid, I am sooooo excited - I havent told the kids yet, its a surprise