Thursday, October 04, 2007

I have a job !!! I have been working at TK maxx (or tacky maxx as my sister calls them) I started Tuesday and what can I say except for ....I hate the world of retail and every picky granny and 'bad tempered forced into clothes shopping man' in it!

I assumed that my training this week would mean training and not standing about pretending to look busy. Nuff said!

I also thought that part time would mean 'part time' and not full time until next february. How shite is that - my house already looks like it was abandoned in a hurry.

I also hoped that my bed would last at least another year and not collapse when I sat on it a few nights ago leading to many many 'your fat arse' jokes. (that said I have lost 5lbs so far this week by pretending to look busy!)

I also felt that somehow my children who started after school club this week (which I have been riddled with guilt about) would miss me and not ask to stay longer.

I also wish I didnt feel so damned tired!