Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It was Ethans parents evening last night. I asked her to double check when she quoted words like 'kind', 'helpful', 'well behaved' and 'methodical' because he isnt like that at home. Its good though, he had a glowing report and he seems keen to learn. I was thinking he would follow his Dad who hated school. I have Joanna's tonight - hopefully that will be good too.

I work afternoons this week, And its strange - Its like waiting to go to a funeral - You know you are have to go and are gonna hate it. Next week its half term and I have no idea what I am going to do with the kids - Prehaps I shall let them wander free and hope for the best (seriously before I get emails - I wont)

My Mother keeps mentioning Christmas plans since she has discovered my sister is coming home. I am having difficulty getting organised on a weekly basis at the moment, I am hoping this will calm down as I get into working - I need a diary - Have you tried finding a diary when you are 10 months into the year, surely some people must need them - I DO!!!!!!!

right I suppose I had better go and get my red polo shirt and my name tag on, I am on fitting room today - 'No of course you bum doesnt look big in that..... honestly!!!!'