Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick or treating has definately changed since I was a kid, And no before you say anything its not all that long ago. When we were kids it was just a way of getting some money for nothing - and no its not ideal but thats how it was.

Last night for the first time ever after much pressure I took the kids. And OMG how times have changed, They both took with them a pumpkin bucket (as sold by tesco) and we managed to get around most of the 300 houses on our estate in about an hour and a half. Half didnt answer - the other half did.

By the time we got home the little pumpkin buckets were buckling under the weight, They had so many sweets and chocolates I was gobsmacked. Seriously they have more sweets than I would give them in a month and people were loving dishing them out. And the decorations was another thing that amazed me - pumpkins and skeletons, banners and spooky noise makers all about.

I am guessing this is another thing that we have inherited from America - not that I am complaining, my children had a wonderful time - are totally sick of sweets and I wont have to buy any for at least another few weeks. Result.