Tuesday, February 12, 2008

OMG has anyone ever been to half term free swim week at their local leisure centre? Its one hour of absolute swim hell whereby you have to que to get in to be one of the lucky fifty to reinact the scene from when the titanic goes down, Thrashing about, trying to cling to the nearest float, aiming for a quiet spot getting ducked and splashed on the way.

It was too much for me and the kids who found it daunting, dodging the countless numbers of over 10's invading the smaller kids pool. And wow how vicious are lifeguards??? Never-the-less when the time came for us to be 'saved' and the hour was up, both kids cried and asked when they could come back to which my reply was 'half term next year'

And whats up with this weather?? Who stole winter?

Shit, I am 32 on Monday - thats well old.