Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We have become a proper family, Our kids dont want to know us anymore!!! Ethan hides in a room upstairs playing the playstation and only appears at meal times (He even asked if he could take the playstation to his grandmothers this weekend) And Joanna vanishes onto the computer, She asked me this morning the question I had been dreading for some time... "Why can't I have a Facebook account" The fact that she asked "Why can't I" instead of "Can I" suggested she already knew the answer. "Your 8 years old girl.... You have more hope of climbing Mount Snowdon"

I went out at the weekend for my first girlie night out in over a year. It was as ever hilarious.

The pretty dance floor amused me for ages - That said most things did at that point.

It was all very blue - Hence the name ice bar. If you are a friend on facebook you can find the rest of the drunken piccies there.

So its Joanna's party on Thursday, It was her birthday last month but gimmie a break - I am not the most organised person in the world. There will be cake - Yey cake :)