Thursday, May 01, 2008

I woke up this morning in a particularly good mood which after yesterday (nuff said) was definately a bonus, But there is always someone who's got to come along and steal your sunshine!

Firstly there was old man - I was walking with the kids into school and an old man was walking towards us. I moved the kids to one side of the pavement smiled cheerfully and apologised (I have no idea why .. I have just as much right to be there. Apologising for nothing is an awful habit of mine) "It's OK" he says in his most sarcastic voice "I will leave the pavement and walk on the road" Astonished I replied "Fine I would much rather see you on the road than my kids" He blanked me.

Then there was the driver behind me at the lights who was frantically beeping at me because I wouldn't move forward into the "keep clear" box. He would have gained a whole two metres if I had and since the lights were on red I fail to see the advantage of that, especially since afterwards I drove at a painstakingly slow twenty miles an hour whilst he followed me for the next three miles. Next time Ford Focus man leave the house earlier and you wont be in such a rush!!!!

After that there was the kid from across the road (the one who stole my daughters nintendo DS to have his parents return it after being threatened with the police, the one who broke my sons new toys that he saved for) He came knocking on the door at half past six for the kids to go out to play, Now I am not being funny but going out to play at half past six on a school night when your six and eight is just not on. So I told him politely no (the kids were just about to get into the bath) and he shrugs his shoulders at me and says "don't care anyways" Charming.

That along with two unexpected bills this morning, the cat who jumped on the car, missed and left some lovely scratch marks all down the side of it and the fact that the hubby is really pushing his luck, is just not keeping me feeling on top of the world.

So when a salesman rang earlier (the same salesman that has been ringing three times a day for the last week. Isnt who calls me a wonderful website lol) and tried to sell me life insurance and wouldnt take no for an answer I really put him in his place. And I well and truly ruined his day when he turned around and said "So you dont want to save money then?" I wouldn't imagine they will ever call again, especially since afterwards I rang their head office and made my feelings more than clear on their company.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day and if anyone tries to ruin it ..... Look out!