Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oh Joy ... Half term is here again. And I have to invent 101 interesting things to do with children without leaving the house - why cant I leave the house? Because I have a huge wart on the side of my nose which I have just had treated. Hubby is calling me a witch and other people no longer look into my eyes when talking to me.... I am just waiting for someone to start uttering ' 'Moleeee moleee moleee' ... oh wait my sister already did that.

Went to see the new Indiana Jones film which has of course resulted in me rewatching all the others ... not that I get obsessed with these things!!!!!

Oh and I had my interview for secondry History teaching this week. It was only for a reserve place as all the places were full but I passed the interview and will either start this September or next September, either way I have a place. So its Mrs Rees to you now!!!