Friday, August 08, 2008

Last Sunday we went to Oakwood theme park. It was a treat for the kids as they havent seen much of their Dad lately. I remember going years ago and it was a nice place, unfortunately time has taken its toll and the place has not been maintained or upgraded. The kids seemed to enjoy though.

After double checking their height the kids decided to go on a waterfall ride. Most family and friends have been told the story already but this turned out to be the scariest moment of my life as I watched Ethan come down a 50ft water slide on a sledge with no seat belt and letting go half way down. I cannot describe my fear. The crowd gasped. He couldn't get a grip on the handle and the speed at which he was traveling forced him to lie down flat. He held on as best he could, skidded across the water at the bottom and got off the ride to applause, he had a huge grin on his face. Gary says I am overprotective and that they checked his height. And yes there was the occasional child on the slide around the same age.

I got these pics from the website. I had to sit down for a while afterward. Ethan though thought it was hilarious and wanted to go on again.