Thursday, July 31, 2008

If I don't post today I will have skipped a whole month without blogging. There are reasons .... honest.

Firstly I have a new laptop - Yey. Its for work (not so good) It has Vista - I don't like it - it sucks. There are so many things that don't work properly on it. Anyway I am using firefox and my blog link is in bookmarks which I hardly use because I use the quick links on the bar and OMG I just realized how boring I sound.

Secondly - I am lazy! I do twitter though!

SO I am officially working again - I do all the invoicing, accounting and wages as well as anything else that comes my way on paper for three haulage firms (one of which is our own). I don't have an office (yet - it doesn't have a door - long story) so its all from home which is handy but with the kids on summer holiday they think I have abandoned them when I am constantly sitting at the kitchen table typing. I like it but its beginning to feel like real work - I guess I thought working from home would be different (i.e. you would get to take breaks whenever etc .... instead you just end up putting more hours in because you don't physically leave work)

I have taken kids to the cinema a few times ... Wall-E best kids film ever, absolutely loved it, nearly made me cry - and I am a hard bitch to make cry!!

I discovered Primark last week and bought loads of clothes for the kids - I mean seriously I must have been hiding under a rock to miss this shop.

Apart from this my life is an endless discussion about tachographs and various other truck components, Our new truck is doing ok but it could be doing better .... we are working towards improvement though.