Sunday, July 25, 2004

Sunday 25th July 04

Well I have had a busy weekend so far, On Friday we went to my Auntys wedding, which was lovely - Everyone always comments on how lovely and well behaved my children are - Which is really nice.
Yesterday we didnt do much except run around shopping and getting stuff done around the house.  We put up our tent outside so the kids could play in it - but they dont seem to be bothered - Ha I would have loved it if I was a kid.  This morning we went to a Boot sale in Carmarthen which was good - Gary got a new book and I got loads of Polly Pockets to put on ebay - Thats if I ever get them back off Joanna.  I love ebay and make alot of money selling on there.  I love to buy 80's toys at boot sales to put on there - and love My Little Pony toys.
This afternoon we stayed in for Gary to watch the grand prix and Michael Schmacher won again - Boring.  Not really got that much planned for the week - A few things with the kids.  Hopefully will be able to get a bit more done on my website - I am getting things done slowly so not too bad.
well better go and do some cleaning

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