Thursday, August 05, 2004

Thursday 5th August

OMG I think I am going insane. This website is driving me up the wall lol. I have got the hang of all the html and am getting pages up quite quickly now, Its just all the linking up takes a while. Nevermind. I havent been out of the house much in the last week - Tax ran out on the car so have been stuck in the house with my two little terrors, apart from squashing playdough into the carpet, covering the bathroom in talc, terrorizing the cat and generally making a mess - they have pulled a shelf down off the wall and pulled the curtain rail down in the living room ripping the plaster out as well.

Pay day tomorrow though and I will be out taxing the car and then off out - I am already planning lots for next week to keep them occupied. I think I may have one of my sisters staying down a few nights and I am planning on getting to the gym as well.

I am off to a car boot sale on Saturday morning, I am gathering stuff to start selling again on ebay - Although I wont be starting selling again until the kids go back to school. I will let you know what bargains I find.

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