Friday, December 24, 2004

Its Christmas Eve

OMG where has the time gone? I cant believe its Christmas eve, the kids are super wound up and we have been watching christmas films all day - Which has been nice. After a frantic day of cleaning all day yesterday I think we are all set. The oven is on ready to cook the turkey :) All the presents are wrapped and we have a busy night ahead sorting them all out.

I was at Tescos at 6.20am on Wednesday morning and to my despair it was still busy. I managed to get everything we needed and only managed to spend a whopping £150. I am looking forward to My parents and sisters visting on Boxing day and Garys family visiting on Monday. So we do not need to step out of the house for days, which I am soooo looking forward to.

I got Gary to buy me some slippers and a new bag for xmas and I know he has got me something else but I dont know what. I got him a Shaver and a dvd and a cd. The kids both have bikes amoungst so amny other things. I really go over the top at xmas - I love spoiling them as does my mother.

So I am off now to sort the turkey - Have a very happy christmas all. x x x x

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